Wellington Dam & The Lennard Track

Wellington Dam & The Lennard Track

It was an early morning in autumn, the air was crisp and the windows were foggy. The sun had risen and the morning dew was dribbling down the paintwork of my trusty 80 Series Landcruiser. It was the perfect morning to start off a camping trip.


The beginning of the Lennard track. We truly live in the lucky country

The beginning of the Lennard track. We truly live in the lucky country

The destination was Wellington Dam which is approximately 30km outside of Collie in WA, which is approximately 200km from Perth. Jetting off from the northern suburbs it was a cruisy two hour drive to Wellington Dam, where I met up with a few friends, Matthew in his LN106 Hilux and Connor in the stock v6 turbo diesel Navara. We began with the Lennard Track, which started as a smooth dirt trail; it follows the Collie River through the valley and has some of the South Wests best views. This type of terrain was very steady going and it went on like this for about 4km or so.

We then started to climb, which is what the Lennard track is notorious for, its gnarly hill climbs. However, we were spared much difficulty due to the dryness of the track, the late autumn rains hadn’t come and there was plenty of traction.

The larger climbs were no issue for the two lifted trucks that had heaps of clearance to crawl over all the obstacles. The Nav took some careful driving, good wheel placement and a bit of help spotting, but Connor did a great drive for his first time.

Connors Navara, advanced technology gave the Nav the edge to keep up with the modified trucks.

Connors Navara, advanced technology gave the Nav the edge to keep up with the modified trucks.

With the track complete we made our way back onto the black stuff and headed to the dam bank which would be our camp site for the night. Once we reached the Dam bank we ran into quite a few people who had taken lots of the potential sites, luckily I had mapped a route on the Hema to a spot away from the crowds.

We crossed the dam at a bit of a muddy section to have a bit of fun, Connor in the Nav went around but Matthew and I dove right in. The Hilux made it through with ease; however the big heavy 80 didn’t fare so well and needed a tug out. Time for a tyre upgrade I reckon.






Another small hill climb up the bank of the dam and we were there, our own spot with no one else in sight. It was time to set up and have a cold one.

With camp set up and a coldie in hand, it was time to admire this beautiful place. What a spot and it was well worth driving that extra bit to find a perfect spot away from the crowds.


As the sun started to set it was time for a big outback cook up and yarns with proper mates.  No doubt I’ll be back here, there’s plenty more to see.

Until text time- Kyle



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  1. Anne
    October 05, 07:16 Reply
    Lennard Track is a great spot to 4wd, it is a beautiful spot down that way.
  2. Harry
    October 06, 13:17 Reply
    NIce one mate - where was the campsite? Can you have fires around there?
    • Kyle Fallon
      October 13, 21:07 Reply
      Hi Harry, the campsite was on the bank of Wellington Dam, there are proper sites in the area with facilities but none of these are on the dam itself. Fires are permitted when no bans are in place, normally there's no open fires between December 1st and March 31st.
  3. Gio
    April 15, 18:48 Reply
    Does anyone know the date lennard tracks are open?
  4. Kelly
    July 03, 10:34 Reply
    Hi, We are travelling from Victoria and would love to know what 4wd maps you guys use over there. We do have a HN7 but not sure if this is suitable enough or if there are any other maps that might be better. Cheers
    • Alex Garner
      July 03, 21:16 Reply
      Hi Kelly, You'll certainly do fine with the HN7 over here. I have used an older version of that for years and it was excellent! Now I'm onto EOTopo though, mostly for how well it works on an android tablet! The maps and treks on this are great too. Cheers! Alex

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