1. Forbee4
    October 25, 13:30 Reply
    Hey Alex, It is so good to see some local content and videos finally. Keep up the great work and i'll be watching. I've also found potato spud golf is growing on me :p
    • Alex Garner
      October 25, 18:56 Reply
      Thanks mate, it's good to hear some feedback! Maybe we need to organise a spud golf tournament? Not sure how you'd gauge who wins though!
  2. Mrpete
    November 20, 20:52 Reply
    Good to see some really useful tips for the non mechanically minded. How did you get that Navara back on the road after it did its clutch north of Wilbinga. Having done that section of beach by following the tracks of vehickles that have been there before me, I know how easy it is to get stuck there. Usually go there at low tide , where the sand is somewhat firm, I get up to a good speed, the back up on the tracks again. Since the closure of the Army base at Lancelin going to Wedge Island is courting disaster as there is an underground spring which makes about half a Km of beach thats like quick sand. Have no idea if there is a way around this section of quick sand Cheers Peter
    • Alex Garner
      December 01, 20:23 Reply
      Thanks for the comment peter :) We eventually had to snatch it in reverse, and tow it backwards down the beach at a decent pace to ensure we didn't get bogged again. Was the most challenging drive I've ever done! Haha. Then we just had it towed back to perth. That's interesting what you say about the underground spring! I'd like to tackle the entire stretch of beach from lancelin to cervantes sometime, which of course as you say is more challenging now that the bombing range is closed!
  3. Gazza
    April 26, 21:10 Reply
    Enjoy your stuff. Simple no bull fun. Keep it up
  4. Billy Broozer
    May 13, 11:16 Reply
    Love watching the videos but it would be nice to see where you come off the highway to those great tracks. thanks for doing what you are doing for the west.

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