Top 4wding Tracks Near Perth

Top 4wding Tracks Near Perth

When I got behind the wheel of my first 4wd, there was tracks around every corner. Honestly they weren’t all completely legit places to drive, but we didn’t make a ton of noise, knock down fences or take gatherings of 20 trucks to smash through bog holes alongside peoples houses (I’m refering of course to Telephone Lane in Baldivis). Because of such acts, a lot of the tracks we used to frequent are long closed. But there’s plenty of places to head out for a day of driving, and I‘m going to list a few that you can have all the fun you like without getting in any trouble.

1: Mundaring Powerlines

Lets start with the name that everybody knows. It seems that every state in the country has a maintenance track for power lines, and for some reason they all seem to inherit the same reputation for the toughest driving ever. The Mundaring Powerlines is located in Sawyers Valley 45 minutes east of Perth. It is the sort of place you can take your twin locked and lifted truck for a real workout and bring your brother along in his stock Pajero. Having said that, it is NOT ideal for a first time 4wding! There are plenty of different lines to pick and an equal number of chicken tracks. Two words of warning though: Don’t assume ANYTHING when you see a pool of water, always walk it or watch some other poor bugger sink first. And don’t do it when it’s raining unless you like a challenge and a high possibility of damage!

To get there, take the Great Eastern Highway through Mundaring and turn right onto Tank Hill road at the power substation, before you enter the Sawyers Valley townsite.


2: Gnangara Pines Powerlines

The Gnangara Pines is a designated off road vehicle area and is swarmed by motorcycles and quad bikes on the weekend. Make your way though here avoiding the bog holes (they are full of washing machines and fridges thanks to illegal dumping) and once again get onto the powerline track. This one is mostly sand and much less difficult and chopped up than the Mundaring Powerlines. It crosses roads at a few points so you can head home early if you like, or follow all the way through to the Pinjar power station, about 29km long. From here you can return to Wanneroo via Perry Rd.

You will find the Gnangara Pines off road vehicle area on Gnangara Rd in Lexia.


3: Old Alcoa Railway, Jarrahdale

This was one of the first trips I documented for Intents Offroad about May 2014. It follows the railway maintenance track from the South West Highway just before the Jarrahdale Rd turn off, and runs all the way up the hill to pretty much the Jarrahdale town centre. This is not the track for you if you like a challenge, but has some spectacular views through the valley as you climb and a few muddy puddles around. The track is quite overgrown in some spots and runs rather close to houses, so keep the noise down. A great Sunday drive and alternative route to a meal at the Jarrahdale pub. Click HERE to see my full writeup on the track.



4: Captain Fawcett Track

There is plenty of 4wding to be done in the Dwellingup area, but the Captain Fawcett track is one of the better mapped and easier to find ones. The track takes about 3 hours to complete and will present you with a few granite boulders to climb, tight scrub to navigate and a few bog holes if you’re there during the wetter months. There are plenty of perfect spots for a picnic by the Murray River too.

To get there, take the South West Highway to North Dandalup, head along Del Park Rd to Dwellingup and drive about 20 minutes out to Lane Poole Reserve. The rangers at the outpost have maps and information on the track available there.

5: Waroona Dam

Just a little further south of Dwellingup lies Lake Navarino, more commonly known as Waroona Dam. You can drive tracks of varying difficulty all around Waroona Dam, or you can even drive some savage bog holes on the edges if you are keen. A great spot to head out and learn what your new 4wd can do.

Swimming, fishing for redfin and camping are all popular activities at Waroona Dam. You can even take your boat out or have a fun day water skiing! To get there head east along McDowell St from Waroona. It is clearly signposted along the way, but as Lake Navarino rather than Waroona Dam. You’ll want to set aside a full day for this one at 120km south of Perth, but you can camp overnight if that lessens the blow.


6: Julimar State Forest

I can’t offer too much information on this one, I’ve not yet been there! A good day trip for the North Of River folk with similar terrain to the Captain Fawcett track from what I’ve heard. A few people have said it’s not all that challenging but for a few nice hill climbs and some bog holes in winter. Like Waroona Dam, it’s a full day commitment at 106km north east of Perth. You get there by taking Julimar Rd just out of Chittering.

julimar-state-forest-4wding-perth-1That lot should keep ya busy for a while! Remember, treat the tracks with respect, take your rubbish out with you and leave the hooning to the dunnydores and rice burners (Holden Commodore’s and Nissan Skylines). Just have a great time enjoying this beautiful country with some good friends!


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  1. Sam garner
    May 22, 08:34 Reply
    I've done the julimar before, some good river crossings and some hairy hill climbs in the wet! Perfect for an all day trip, best during the wet as it gives a good challenge! :)
  2. lee
    May 24, 08:56 Reply
    There are also awsome boggy tracks and full softclay mud bashing off the left of north yunderup rd the tracks are most boggy in the dry and the mud in the wet but properly equiped 4x4s only or you might not get them back
  3. Steve
    July 05, 21:56 Reply
    Hi mate. I've found your website and youtube videos really informative, especially for a novice like myself. Is the Pinjar power lines track suitable for "softroaders" I have a dual range Forester and am pretty inexperienced. Also does it matter if you use it mid-week or weekends. Cheers again
    • Alex Garner
      July 06, 07:58 Reply
      Hi Steve, Good to here you've enjoyed the website and videos! Even better that you're keen to get out there and explore! I don't think you'll have any trouble on the Pinjar powerlines in your Forester, there are only a few patches that may challenge you a little. My advice to you is get those tyre pressures down, and head out with someone who has a little experience but who won't rush you through the track. It doesn't matter whether you're out there during the week or on weekends, it's not a terribly busy track at either time.
  4. […] forest featured not too long ago in my Top 4wding Tracks Near Perth where I ashamedly admitted to never having been there before, but hearing a lot about it. […]
  5. Gazz
    August 11, 18:29 Reply
    A lot of Gnangara Pines is now closed off due to the sand mining and tree harvesting so Its not worth the effort unless you live in the area
  6. rona
    February 27, 14:18 Reply
    hello alex, i took the Getaway 4WD club up the old alcoa railroad line track to jarrahadale. my 1st time as trip leader for the club. fabulous. took the grandson for a reccy couple of weeks before. everyone loves this track. thanks for sharing this lovely special place.
  7. John
    April 12, 14:38 Reply
    Hey, Heading down to Harvey dam 4wd. Just wondering if you any gps way points Kind regards John Berryman

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