This basic 4wd tool kit will get you out of trouble

This basic 4wd tool kit will get you out of trouble

Anyone who intends on traveling further than the outskirts of town, whether on the tarmac or the dirt; needs a tool kit in their vehicle. If it’s just a quick road-trip you might get away with a tyre repair kit, wheel brace and a jack. Beyond that it’s a matter of the further you go, the more you should carry. So, in this post I’m going to touch on the basic kit which I carry for a weekend trip or longer journeys which don’t go into dangerously remote territory.

I’m not going to go into the spare parts and other bits and pieces you need to carry, maybe that’s one for another day. If I go into that, we’ll be here forever!


Combination Spanner Set:

Ring one end, open on the other. Knowing what kind of fasteners your vehicle uses is handy here. I know that the Patrol is all metric, some vehicles will be imperial and other might be some weird old sizing. My point is, no use in carrying tools that don’t fit the truck.

Adjustable spanner/Cresent:

For the times when you realise your vehicle uses imperial sizing and you bought metric, haha! But really, sometimes your tools won’t fit and this one will.

Socket Set:

Again, you probably only need a set of one sizing for your vehicle. It should include a full set of sockets and include a ratchet, breaker bar, wobble bit and a couple of different size extensions at least.


These are one of the cheapest tools to purchase. Rubber handles are the best for heaps of grip and if you get ones with a go through handle, you can get the hammer onto the end of them if you need too. Need I say grab both Phillips and flat head varieties?



You’ll want a few types including bull nose, long nose, vice grips and multi grips. Vice grips are the best for when you really mess shit up, like that time I rounded all the nuts on my cooling fan. Vice grips can fix that!


A moderately sized hammer will do, something with a bit of weight behind it but not sledge hammer spec.

Allen/Torx Keys:

Good old Allen, his keys have been around forever and are small enough to not make too much of a dent in storage space. Torx keys are where it’s at these days though, at least in the eyes of vehicle manufacturers. Get the security Torx keys with the hole in the middle as they can do both.

Tyre Repair Kit:

To repair tyres….


Bottle Jack:

Not only to jack the vehicle up. Could also be used to straighten bent components, break beads and assist recovery efforts.

Cold Chisel:

I’ve got a set of these, but you probably only need to take a small and a large one. A nice sharp one will cut through metal, and when nothing will remove that stuck bolt; a cold chisel probably will.

Hacksaw & Stanley Knife:

Now you can cut things! Make sure there’s spare blades along for the ride too.

Multimeter & Test Light:

A must have these days, especially for those with a modern vehicle. Take the time to learn the basics of using these two and you can figure out and often repair or bypass many electrical problems.

Electrical Goodies:

Spare fuses, electrical tape, lengths of wire, solder, soldering iron and cable ties. That last point, cable ties; don’t be shy on how many you carry. They can fix absolutely EVERYTHING!


Metal putty will fix holes in just about anything you could crack or puncture. A penetrating spray such as WD-40 will help loosen stuck nuts and bolts as well as disperse water from your electrics. Welding rods for bush welding are a top idea too, better carry a welding lens if you plan on buzzing some metal together too.  Some bearing grease, engine oil, diff and gearbox oil, and coolant won’t go astray either. Even spray oil can come in handy, like that other time when I rolled a tyre off the bead.



Well, there you have it. My basic tool kit to cover most situations, or at least get me out of trouble. There’s a whole load of other bits and pieces I take along which can’t really be classed as “tools”, maybe you have the same gear? Or maybe you take something different along? Whatever the case, I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!


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  1. Harry Fisher
    August 15, 07:49 Reply
    Nice rundown man. Another big one for me is a bearing tool- I have had to use it more than once and it has been so valuable!
    • Alex Garner
      August 21, 16:05 Reply
      What sort of bearing tool do you mean Harry? Like the special tool with the two prongs to remove Patrol bearings? Massive socket on Landcruiser bearings? Or is it an actual bearing packer/remover?

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