The ULTIMATE goldfields loop! W.A. goldfields adventure

The ULTIMATE goldfields loop! W.A. goldfields adventure

It’s become a bit of  a ritual to be honest. Every year towards the end of winter head east of Perth into the goldfields area. The days are warm and sunny, the nights are freezing cold (that’s a good thing for roaring campfires) and there’s a bit of water and greenery about.

And each year is a little different. We incorporate a little something new we’ve never seen before, and the places we have been before are a new experience each time.

I could hammer on in detail about each place we went to, but I might leave that for the itinerary I’ve typed up at the bottom of the post. If you’d like to take a look at that, and download the GPS waypoints to take on this adventure yourself; you can gain access as an Intents Patron at

Now; here’s some shots from along the way and of course you can always check out the video series on if you’re craving more!

Day 1. We made it to Kunanulling ruins where we camped out the back

Throwing rocks down mine shafts. Some of these are incredibly deep!


Jake soaking up the view at Lake Ballard

Our convoy rolling into Rowles Lagoon

Cooking up a feed at Lake Ballard

We found a pub with a horse!

At the museum town of Gwalia we were lucky enough to get rain all morning!

Being so cold at night, literally EVERY evening was like this!

And of course if you’ve signed up to Patreon, just enter the password supplied to download the following resources for planning your own journey 🙂

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