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Alex Garner So you’ve read a few posts on the blog here and you want to know more about the one who created them? That’s his mug to the left there. I am Alex Garner and this is my passion!

I was raised in Byford, a (then) semi-rural town in Western Australia where life as a kid was very different to those living in suburbia. The only cool shops to hang around was the deli or a fish and chip shop. And getting to them meant hopping fences through old farming property and crossing a few rivers; often by rope swing. Most of the time we didn’t even make it as far as the shops, choosing instead to built huts, climb trees, dig holes and catch yabbies. We broke bones, lost skin and got bitten by ants, bee’s, wasps, spiders, leeches and snakes. Dunno why I’m writing that in past tense, I still do all that stuff!

Through those years my parents often took us away camping, towing a camper trailer behind a four wheel drive and taking us out of school for longer trips on a few occasions. I guess it is all in the upbringing.

I started my own camping and four wheel driving adventures when I was 17 and had bought my own 4wd. I would get out on the weekends and public holidays and explore all sorts of new places. I was quite keen on photography also and would record all of my trips on the camera. In the meantime I ducked around between jobs starting out as an apprentice mechanic, then a sparky trade assistant at a shipyard, followed by a Conservation and Land Management course at TAFE, and a diploma of photography.

Upon completion of photography,  I began a two year stint at ARB 4×4 Accessories as a fitter, an extremely valuable experience in teaching me a whole lot about the way accessories and 4wd’s work and what works best together.

So what’s the go with Intents Offroad? Well, you need to follow the link to Intents Beginnings if you haven’t yet seen that post. It’s the first one I did; it took me days but there you will find my reason for starting this blog and what I wish to achieve. And if you have any idea’s for what you would like to see, leave me a comment there too 🙂



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  1. rolly
    October 12, 17:33 Reply
    when are you going to post more vids Alex? I have watched them all and some more times I care to mention especially Julimar trip
    • Alex Garner
      October 13, 15:29 Reply
      Hey Rolly, I've got a few trip videos that are sitting around and waiting to be edited, just gotta find the time to throw them together :)
  2. rolly
    November 26, 20:57 Reply
    love your work Alex , you did a great job on the goldfields trip
  3. Px ranger
    March 10, 16:55 Reply
    Hi Alex, Sorry to hear about your break up and loss of 4x4 as only just saw your YouTube video last night. I am local Perth boy and work in Pickering brook and if you ever want to have a day trip/overnighter my vechile is available, px ranger with diff lockers You will have me as a passenger of course 😊 And I would like a bit advice as I am new to 4x4 No strings attached Cheers James
    • Alex Garner
      March 21, 07:41 Reply
      Hey James, Thanks for the message man! Sounds like a pretty mean ranger! I like the rangers, might end up getting one myself! For now though I've managed to find myself a temporary Patrol replacement :) I'll let you know when I'm doing an overnighter. Hoping to organise a big one in a few months!
  4. Woot
    March 21, 20:35 Reply
    Hi Great Videos. I found them yesterday and watched them all. Looking forward to more. I've done a little 4wding in our previous car xj jeep. Had a ford courier for a few years now but havnt really taken it out apart from once at gnangara pines which was a bit nerve raking for me when we hit some really chalky dust stuff in a cleared area was like driving in talc powder . Might do Preston beach soon I did it once in the xj. I'm really looking for a place I can make use of my 4wd and boat but the thought of beach launching scares me. I might by a deflater this week and a pump and get back into it. Mine were stolen years ago . Still got my snatch strap though. Can you recommend any local tracks. I am only in Kwinana .
    • Alex Garner
      March 29, 19:51 Reply
      Thanks mate! Yeah hit a little something scary early on and it can really put you off hey? Preston beach would be a good option, plenty of people around to help out if you run into trouble and as long as you have your own recovery gear with you, you should find nobody has a problem helping you out :) Also if you wanted to launch the boat from preston, it's only a short drive from the carpark to the beach, and again with plenty of people around the area and it being very accessible there will be help if you get in trouble. If you are in Kwinana, perhaps you might like to check out the off road vehicle area? Corner of Thomas and Rockingham Roads. It's been a bit hit and miss whether 4wds are allowed there over the years so keep that in mind. But there's a few little tracks to explore and get back into it :)
  5. Woot
    March 29, 21:15 Reply
    Thanks Alex. We were stopped by a ranger in our Jeep a few years back in the mud section behind the off road area and were told to get out and that the off road area doesn't allow 4wds. They took our names and said if we are caught in there again we would receive a fine. One area I didn't have any trouble was the bush on Office road in Kwinana industrial area. There are signs at some entrances saying private property but it is also known as being a place people can ride their dirt bikes . It's mostly hard ground but I find it interesting enough just seeing all the rubbish that's dumped. At the corner near ennis ave and Rockingham road there is a nice sandy patch I used to practice in. Also on Thomas road Just east of the freeway. After the pet supplies store there was a nice muddy spot which has had its entrance covered with a small mound of sand. Until someone else clears the entrance I think I will stay out. I will definately be going back to Preston beach soon Or even Myalup . I just bought an air compressor, deflater and some xtm Trax. So I'm feeling confident now if I have any trouble I should get out with the trax. When I got stuck in gnangara I didn't have a compressor and had to drive to the nearest petrol station on low psi. Not Fun
  6. troy
    December 09, 00:44 Reply
    what happened to the patrol???
  7. Dario
    December 29, 06:54 Reply
    Hey Mate, Cool vids, nice pictures, good read and very helpful tips! I've been around eastern Oz and the red center a year ago with a Patrol Y60 and I was absolutely amazed! Back in Europe (Germany) I just got myself a very expensive toy, a 02 Y61 so I highly appreciate the first couple of backyard mechanic vids. Too bad you got rid of your Patrol so I assume no more HowTo's about that kinda car? Cheers Dario
    • Alex Garner
      January 17, 17:31 Reply
      The Y60 are a solid old bus, and the Y61 just as much so! Just a little more comfortable! I might yet get my hands on another Y61 so there could well be more mechanic vids on them :)
  8. Brian
    February 03, 17:43 Reply
    G'day Alex - loved your Guilderton beach driving video. I have a Discovery4 V8 with (unfortunately) stock 20" rims and tyres which are absolute shite on sand. Airing them down does two fifths of bugger-all. I've also struggled with that beach even the dunes going up to the lighthouse where I had a car full of kids and took on the trail without any recovery gear and 40PSI in the tyres. Idiot.. Keen to stay in touch as I plan on getting a set of 18's on the Disco with some proper rubber, skid plates and a long-range tank. Very keen to learn more about 4WD'ing in WA as I consider myself a rookie but fast learner!
  9. tj
    February 27, 22:07 Reply
    I know you been busy mate, i know that 2.8 is out of action but are you gonna get another patrol?? Been waiting for more vids lol Don't give up mate, might see ya up NOR some day. Unless you invite me on the next trip lol take it easy

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