Ridge Ryder LED Lantern Review

Ridge Ryder LED Lantern Review

About 4 years ago I bought an LED lantern to replace my gas lantern. A year later I ditched the LED lantern and went back to my gas lantern. I know exactly the face you’re pulling right now:


Y U No LED?!


You see, it cost me 4 times what a gas lantern cost, and put out barely enough light to read by. Then the battery died after a year because I didn’t use it enough! But four years is a long time in the LED world, so I decided I’d give this Ridge Ryder Camping Lantern a shot. Being a Ridge Ryder product, they are owned by and only available at Supercheap Auto stores. At the time of writing this, they were priced at $34.99.  Lets start this off with a few specs and features from the packaging.

The SpecsLED-Lantern-Giveaway-Ridge-Ryder

  •  Cree LED with output up to 144 lumens
  • Rotate side knob for use as a lantern, or use as a torch for directional light
  • 4 mode switch with high, low, flashing and OFF functions
  • Green LED indicator shows the lantern in darkness or emergency
  • Rotatable hook on lantern base
  • Water Resistant
  • Impact resistant to 1m
  • Run time of 4.9 hours on high
  • Carrying strap and carabiner included

How’s The Build Quality?

First of all, it’s got a good weight to it. Not heavy, but it doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of shit. The body is made from aluminium, the base is a solid rubberised plastic and the lens is some kind of tough polycarbonate. This lantern isn’t a fancy rechargeable model, but it does come with 4 AA batteries which I thought was pretty generous. I loaded them in through the screw on base; but when I screwed it back on, the rubber o-ring got all bound up and distorted. That’s a fail for water resistance!

My Impressions & Experience

So I turned it on and yeah! It does alright for a little fella! It’s not much use sitting on a table, because it is so small it needs to be hung up to get the most out of it. So I used the D-ring on the base of the lantern to hang it upside down. You don’t get as much shadow because the body of the lantern isn’t blocking the light. My favourite thing about the lantern, surprisingly; is the rotating knob at the top! The knob allows the lantern to be used as a torch by rotating the LED to face out the top, where there is a frosted plastic lens. I hung the lantern upside down above my gas stove while I cooked up a meal during our Moore River Adventure and turned it to torch mode. The direct but not harsh light was more than enough to see exactly how much chilli I was sneaking into everyone’s meals!


The Comparison

I needed something to compare it with that you could all relate to, so I decided most people would have seen an Iphone in torch mode. To be specific, this is an Iphone 4S. I lit up the scene in front of me with the Iphone, and played with the camera until what I was seeing on the camera screen was very close to what I was seeing in front of me. Iphone torch on the left, Ridge Ryder torch on the right. Here’s what I got:

Rather impressive! I haven’t edited those pictures at all for the sake of accuracy, straight out of the camera.

Who Will It Suit?

It’s certainly not a complete solution for vehicle based campers. They tend to spread out a lot and it just can’t cover a large site. As a supplement to other lighting though it’s perfect. Use it to light your tent, back of the vehicle or do as I did and use it to light a specific task. In the middle of this year, I will be venturing out on some backpack camping. It’s relatively small weight, decent light output for the smaller setup and the combined lantern/torch combination should work a treat!



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