Review: IceMule Coolers Classic 15 Litre

Review: IceMule Coolers Classic 15 Litre

What is an IceMule? Is that like some rare breed of arctic donkey? Maybe it is, but in this case we are referring to the IceMule Classic Cooler, the 15 litre model to be precise.


My first impression of the IceMule, was that it felt wonderfully unbreakable. You know what a regular soft cooler bag feels like yeah? Well it’s nothing like that. The material it is constructed of seems similar to an inflatable boat, but again much thicker and tougher.

Having been rolled up in its carry bag for donkeys years (see what I did there?) the poor thing was looking a bit flat. There’s a little air valve on the side, the insulation hides in here between the two layers. Open that up, and after a while the insulation expands to where it should be. Or if you’re a bit impatient like me, you can blow a bit of extra air in to help it along (well, that’s what I reckon anyway).


I emptied a bag of ice into the cooler, threw in some drinks, and even a packed lunch. I stared for a second, wondering “how the heck do I close it?!” before resorting to reading the instructions. With the logo facing away from you, fold the top over 2-3 times and do up the clip. Hmm, I had my doubts about watertightness, but I threw it in the back seat and set out for a day collecting firewood.

Well! My drinks stayed cold, my lunch stayed fresh and my seats stayed dry! I only managed to make the cooler drip a little if it had a considerable amount of melt water inside. Even then I had to tip it upside down, AND squeeze it REAL hard! When I got home, I drained out the melt water and set the cooler on the back patio to see if it would really hold ice for the claimed 24 hours. Sure enough, when I came out the next morning (about 23 hours later) there was still plenty of ice. Then again in the evening (32 hours later) there was STILL ice!


By the following morning, the ice was all melted. Anyway, if there had been ice still, I’d be wondering whos playing pranks on me. There was one more test for the IceMule to come though: does it float? The claim is that yes, it does. And I tested that in a rather unconventional way.

On a weekend out four wheel driving in some pretty wet conditions, we came across a deep hole full of muddy water. There was no going around, but all would be okay if nobody got stuck. You guessed it, I got stuck. About the only thing that did float in my cabin was the IceMule and half a pack of Twisties. I felt pretty sorry for myself, but at least the beer was safe!


So, from my perspective; what points do I like most about the IceMule?

  • It’s a soft cooler, that actually keeps ice for a good length of time
  • Being a soft cooler, you can roll it up and poke it under the seat when empty
  • A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry to the perfect lunch spot
  • I can’t see it being torn or punctured easily when thrown around in the 4WD
  • It floats! Not only good for when you swamp your vehicle, but also great if you’re into fishing or kayaking too!


I don’t think there’s many people who would find an IceMule ill-suited to their needs to be honest. It can be portable and rugged to take along on adventures, or just use it for a casual picnic or day at the beach. I’m looking forward to getting out on the kayak with it this summer!

If you’d like to know more about the range of IceMule soft coolers, check out their website at IceMule Coolers where you can also purchase your own. There’s even a model designed specifically to cool your catch of fish. How good is that!?


This IceMule cooler was provided by IceMule for review, and while I do my best to give an honest review; I just thought I should share that information.

Alex Garner

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    August 07, 07:28 Reply
    Can you please stop that awful exit popup? It annoys me greatly, and I'll probably just stick to youtube if it's goign to be here for ever.
  2. G mack
    August 07, 11:50 Reply
    Hey mate. Are you still rocking this? How is it going a year later? Looking for something for motorbike trips
    • Alex Garner
      October 30, 10:28 Reply
      Hey mate, yeah I am still rocking this and it's still just as good! Still can't believe how long it keeps ice. Would be great on a bike.

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