Review: Camp Oven Recipes Book

Review: Camp Oven Recipes Book

It was only a year ago now that the Cast Iron Boys opened up my eyes to a world of camp oven cooking beyond simple stews and dampers. Funnily enough, this is how the Cast Iron Boys started their venture. They wanted to show everybody that the humble dutch oven is capable of creating so much more than a charred roast chook and have made quite the name for themselves in the process.

After many years of trialling recipes, and many months pulling them together; I have in my hand a copy of their first ever cook book. It looks something like this:

Immediately there is something I like about the book without opening it up. It’s the spiral binding! Two reasons I like this; one is that you can fold the book back on itself with ease, so it doesn’t close and lose your page; and two is because it wont fall apart as a result of melted glue in the spine because I leave things in hot cars…

I also like the way that it’s small enough to fit PERFECTLY in my 10 inch oven! So I can’t complain about it going missing.

So I open this bad boy up to see what masterchef secrets await. I am greeted with three main sections: Breads and Dampers, Camp Oven Meals and Camp Oven Desserts. All up I count 40 recipes which sound bloody tasty! Things like Barbeque Glazed Meatloaf, Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding and of course the much raved about Cola & Smokey BBQ Ribs (sooo good!!).


Of course you cant just look at a cookbook and call it reviewed, so out came the trusty camp oven and I went to try out my first recipe; Vegemite Scrolls. There’s no exotic ingredients needed, I reckon you’d probably already carry all the ingredients camping anyway. No mucking about resting doughs either; just a simple and tasty recipe! You could knock these together in half an hour including baking time if you wanted!

Next, I have a stockpile of pumpkins. No idea where they all came from but lets try and use em up with the Rustic Pumpkin & Parmesan Soup recipe. Again, a nice simple recipe but you might need to plan this one ahead and grab a few ingredients beforehand, unlike the Vegemite scrolls. It mentions cracked black pepper in the ingredients, optional extra I guess but it was a fairly sweet soup so I like to spice mine up with quite a bit of pepper!


What do ya reckon? Sound like your kinda thing? The Camp Oven Recipe’s book is available to pre-order on the Cast Iron Boys website HERE at a price of $25 plus $3 for postage. If you want to find out more about them you can always take a look around Their Website or check them out on Facebook.

Keep an eye on this blog as I do some more cooking with the book later down the track with the full recipe to try out yourself!

*This cook book has been provided for review today by the Cast Iron Boys*


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