Retro Trailer Rebuild: Part 5

Retro Trailer Rebuild: Part 5

Is this the first time you’ve stumbled upon this rebuild? CLICK HERE to go back in time, and check out part one!

The camper trailer isn’t dead. Far from it! In fact, the trailer rebuild is nearly finished! But we’re not quite there yet as far as the blog posts are concerned!

So at this point in the build the sanding is over (so happy), but before the paint goes on there’s one last part of the chassis to be completed – it’s the spare wheel mount on the drawbar. But we’ve also got two gas bottles to mount on there, a tap, and a stone deflector. Now our drawbar is starting to look comparatively small….

So we’ve decided to mount the wheel vertically rather than laid down as you might normally. The measurement process for this needed to be quite precise, mount it too high and we wont be able to pull the bed end out. And the size of the wheel prevents it from being mounted much lower than that. What better tools could help me get it right than packing tape and timber offcuts?


Once the wheel was securely taped in place, I knocked up a triangular template (out of scrap timber once again) that I would copy out into a legitimate wheel mount. The completed wheel mount looked awesome, like this:


But wait! There’s more! The gas bottles have to go on! So once the wheel mount is welded upon the chassis and the wheel itself is temporarily mounted up, we pulled out two 2kg gas bottles and had a play around. Nobody seems to make a gas bottle mount for a 2kg bottle. Well, I’m sure there is somebody, but you could chase that shit around for weeks; or you could knock up your own with some steel strapping as we did.

Why 2kg bottles? Well with 12v systems so versatile; the only thing gas is needed for is cooking. 2kg gas bottles not only save a little on weight, but can also have  a small single burner mounted on top for quick roadside cook ups, and be removed for use with the likes of portable BBQ’s or something like a Weber Baby Q (something hopefully to come in the future).


Look closely in this final picture, just down near the gas bottles and you will see two metal rods sticking up, one on each side. These are for poles to slip over where in the future a stone guard will mount. Kinda hard to explain with words and no pictures, but stay tuned and you’ll see what I mean!

I’ll leave you today with this shot of the trailer with its roof sitting on top, starting to look like something now! Next time I’ll be covering the paint job, and I promise you won’t have to wait 6 months!


In all her current glory.


As she stands now:


CLICK HERE to head on to part 6, painting the trailer!


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  1. rolly
    June 17, 21:12 Reply
    nice job Alex,it's getting there
  2. rolly
    June 17, 21:14 Reply
    nice job Alex, it's getting there

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