Recapping The 2014 Camp Oven Cookup

Recapping The 2014 Camp Oven Cookup

The first match was put to wood at 1:30pm on Saturday the 2nd of August. I had spent that morning digging up my backyard to create a perfect fire pit with a long trench to fill with coals for the camp ovens and a barbeque plate at one end. We were expecting 13 guests armed with camp ovens for our massive cook up, and each person arrived with a great variety of open fire cooking hardware and food to cook up.

This is what the ultimate fire pit looks like!

Our first dish into the oven was a nice and simple one. Nacho’s to get everyone’s taste bud’s going. 20 minutes in an oven was all it took for the perfect amount of cheese melty-ness (arguably the most important factor) and I think this worked out better than a conventional oven!

camp-oven-cooking-nachosAs soon as the nachos came out, in went Alanna’s gluten free pumpkin damper. Damper is probably not the best way to describe the final product, more like a slice really as gluten free food doesn’t rise. With a bit of melted butter; the damper quickly disappeared.

One gluten free pumpkin damper!

Late afternoon became a mad feeding frenzy with 5 camp ovens on the go churning out dish after dish.

By now there was 13 rather content guests around that fire, and still the food kept coming.

Chilli Mussels

Malaysian Pulled Lamb with rice noodles

All of these wonderful dishes, yet full as everybody was can you guess what’s missing? It’s dessert. By this time I was at the food coma stage and had to go grab my swag out of the shed to roll out on the lawn. Sticky Date Pudding is one of my all time favourites to begin with; so I had to have some of that. Rocky Road Damper was the best damper I’ve ever had, but couldn’t consume nearly as much as I would’ve liked to. And then drunken apples! I couldn’t fit any drunken apples on top, but I had to at least taste one. One taste turned into two entire apples…

I tell you what; it’s a good thing the camp oven cook-up doesn’t come around for another year yet. I need the time to let all that food settle! In the meantime, I am working closely on some exciting stuff with the Cast Iron Boys who run the cook up; so follow the Cast Iron Boys, the Camp Oven Cookup and of course Intents Offroad on Facebook to keep in the loop!


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