Nancy’s Peak Circuit – Porongurups W.A

Nancy’s Peak Circuit – Porongurups W.A

The forest smells brilliant and fresh, of wet leaves and damp soil. It fills my lungs which are working hard to keep up with the pace I’m doing. A few minutes ago, all I heard was the many bird calls of the Karri forest. Now, about 800 metres into the hike there is just the pounding of my own heartbeat. I think I may be a little unfit!

The ‘HaywDSC_6388ard Peak and Nancy’s Peak Walk’ is the name given to this 5.5km loop, but I prefer my own version ‘Nancy’s Peak Circuit’. After clambering through about 1km of rock steps and the odd fallen log, the trail finally levels out a little. I manage to pick up the pace, and my breathing returns to normal. At this point I am able to hear my surroundings again, which promptly reminds me that I have a wife, who I’ve gone and left behind…

The first peak to be reached is Hayward Peak, which is pretty good…but not quite up to my high viewings standards. And so we march on; the track remaining pretty easy but with more obstacles and a greater sense of adventure! Up and out of the Karri forest the vegetation is more sparse, the cold southerly wind brings in a few showers while we hop across rocks and shimmy through crevices.


By now you would be at Nancy’s Peak. Our pace had slowed dramatically since emerging from the Karri forest; I often find myself stopping to take in views, pulling masses of camera gear out of my bag in pursuit of a perfect landscape shot. We can now see what we believed to be (and now know that it is) Devil’s slide on the opposite side of the valley. DSC_6425Heading across from Nancy’s Peak to Morgan’s View is only a few hundred metres and a lot of fun rock hopping and winding your way through the narrow path in the scrub. We pull the binoculars out and take in the last view from the top.

Our descent was far from graceful; it’s no secret that moss gets bloody slippery with a little rain and my backside was in contact with the granite almost as often as my boots.DSC_6457 Things got much steeper and more sketchy than they were on the way up when the path melted away into a sea of loose boulders and tree trunks. The tree trunks prove very useful in stabilising you right down to the track at the bottom of the valley.

From here you have to choose, do I take the right hand track? Leading back to the carpark amongst the ancient Karri trees? Or do I continue forward into the unknown and take on Devils Slide?

I think that’s enough adventure for me today. But if you do have a crack at Devils Slide, let me know how it is hey?



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  1. Mary Ledford
    May 19, 02:52 Reply
    I love that you two do things like this together. Good article.
  2. Aaron Schubert
    May 19, 08:04 Reply
    Hey mate, Lots of fun down there - I've done Devil's slide twice; one of my favourite hikes down there. It's just as slippery, but the view is spectacular!
    • Alex Garner
      May 19, 08:28 Reply
      Sounds like I may have to get down there again hey Aaron? I do love a good challenge!
  3. […] of the day with a mean tuna and salad sandwich in the Castle Rock car park after finishing the Nancy’s Peak Circuit on the other side of the park (which we absolutely loved). I have suffered some sort of knee injury […]
  4. Ciaran Lynch
    July 15, 21:58 Reply
    Alex, is that 2nd photo looking out from Nancy's Peak toward the Stirlings? Great photo's and nice piece. Well done..
  5. Ciaran Lynch
    July 15, 22:05 Reply
    I'm trying to remember, is that Bolganup Dam peeking through there too? Same pic. Looks like it. Cheers..
    • Alex Garner
      July 16, 07:19 Reply
      Thanks Ciaran. You are correct on both counts there. You must know the area well! The Stirling Range looks amazing on the horizon, wherever you are looking from.

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