Lancelin to Cervantes Four Wheel Drive Trip

Lancelin to Cervantes Four Wheel Drive Trip

Is it still possible to four wheel drive from Lancelin to Cervantes? It’s seemed doubtful ever since they put the highway through and closed access through the military area. But I can assure you, it’s still possible!

The beach is still open to drive, although it is only recommended for those VERY experienced beach four wheel drivers. And if you like your vehicles paint job, consider yourself warned; carrying on this trip beyond Wedge Island will strip most of it. Very tight tracks!

You’ve gotta take a moment for a spin through the dunes!

Rather than attempt to drive a section of beach which was illegal, or impassable; I called the local ranger to get a professional opinion. The ranger said he has driven it once, and never again if he could avoid it! The sand is incredibly soft, and slopes severely towards the ocean in some places. While we have every right to drive this section of beach, he advised us not to.

I decided to play it by ear. If it IS too sketchy, you can always turn around and take the highway up to Wedge. Between the 6 vehicles, we had two winches, everyone was carrying their recovery gear, and SOOO many traction boards.

Now, I’m going to tell you how to enter the beach, but DO NOT attempt this without a willingness to drop tyre pressures to single digits, and prepare for the possibility of having to drive along the surf wash probably too close for comfort.

Make sure you’re travelling in a convoy of at least three, with proper snatch recovery gear and traction boards. STEER WELL CLEAR OF THIS BEACH IF YOU DON’T HAVE PLENTY OF EXPERIENCE!

Follow Beacon Road north, until you reach the signposted turn off for the Lancelin off-road area. It’s on the right, you can’t miss it. Now cruise north along the base of the dunes until you reach GPS waypoint  30°59’29.33″S, 115°19’24.51″E

That waypoint will lead you down the track off to the left and towards the beach. Get ready for fun!

The really nasty section is only a couple of kilometres long. Once you’re past that, the most trouble you will likely have is being swamped if you didn’t pick the low tide. I’ve made that mistake before and it is SCARY!

Lunch stop at Wedge Island. Military rations off the jeep bonnet!

Wedge Island is 22 kilometres north of Lancelin as the crow flies. The beach overlooking Wedge is a top spot for lunch, and from here you can venture through the shack community and out to the highway (exit road located at  30°49’9.60″S, 115°11’58.85″E)

Or….you can continue north to the next shack community of Grey. At around 10.3 kilometres north of Wedge, you’ll encounter the cliffs which will most likely be impassable. It’s here that you have to divert through the tracks above.

There are a maze of tracks through here, and while they’ll rip the life out of your paintwork, they are an easy drive. Just follow the most used looking track, keep the ocean mostly in sight on your left; and carry on northwards.

It’s a measly 8km cruise from Grey to the beach exit nearest Cervantes, but it’s pretty seldom traveled. Why not do as we did and hit the highway north from here to the Pinnacles? If you’ve timed the day right, you’ll be there in the late afternoon when the light is the nicest. 

Take it as a long day trip, or find somewhere to camp at the end like we did.

For some extra visuals of course, check out the video below:


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  1. Flano
    June 30, 09:28 Reply
    It's a nice run along most of the coastal sections north of Guilderton. The comment you made about tyre pressures is so relevant on sand. LET THEM DOWN...LOW I have personally been down to as low as 6psi on sand along this coastline. It saves a lot of grief digging (provided you get off the "go" pedal before the fourbie is on the chassis), and if your tyres are a high profile (75 - 85, i personally prefer 235/85r16, or 255/85r16's), then you will get a great long, but not too wide footprint which is great in really soft sand. Have lost count of how many bogged vehicles have been recovered simply by letting tyres down. It's also a lot of fun seeing the beaming smiles and excitement on the faces of drivers when they suddenly realise how great there fourbie has just become, now afforded the traction of less air in the round things! Love your videos including the pranks (I have had my mates unlock my hubs too). Cheers.
  2. Alex Garner
    July 03, 21:13 Reply
    Unlocking the hubs is a great prank, especially when they get unreasonably upset about it! People seem so scared to let down the tyres hey. Though I do remember when starting out myself, being scared to drop below 18 psi. Oh the places I could have gone, and the ease I would have got there with if I'd only been willing to drop below 10 :D
  3. Peter
    July 21, 13:01 Reply
    Hi Alex, I always thought there were issues with passing through the Defence Training area? What did the ranger advise you on that? Cheers Pete
    • Alex Garner
      July 23, 20:56 Reply
      Hi Pete, Correct, you can't pass through the defence training area. Luckily, the defence training area only runs to the dunes, so we are still free to cruise along the beach. I wouldn't go behind the dunes though, you'd probably have some F16's on you as soon as you did that haha.

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