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Lancelin Off-Road Muster- World Record

What a weekend!


That is all I can really say, this was a once in a life time experience. I never ever thought I’d be involved in something such as this, nor would I have ever imagined it to be based around something I love as much as 4wding.

img_1705The 15th of October 2016, will now be remembered by 448 drivers and an unknown number of passengers as an extremely special day. It’s the day we set the world record for the largest convoy of off-road vehicles, the previous record was held in Qatar with 154 vehicles in 2014. The event started early in the morning, 448 4x4s and their drivers gathered in the town center to mark our names off, have a feed, look at and admire all the other rigs who’d shown up. There was all kinds, stock as a rock, to heavily modified this was an event for everyone with a passion for 4wding to be part of. It was great seeing some familiar rigs and friendly faces. img_1707

A few hours waiting for everyone to gather and after a driver briefing we were ready to roll. We left single file through the town to a gathering area at the base of the dunes. It was here that we waited for all the cars that had been parked around the town center to enter the one area. It took over an hour for everyone to drive the 500m or so it was to get there, I wouldn’t have liked to be at the very back!

At about 1:00 we finally began, the course was single file and the meet the Guinness rules we were to be no further than two car lengths from the person in front. The 10km track snaked through the dunes, it was an amazing sight, you don’t appreciate how big 500 cars look until they’re snaked out in front of you. With lots of communication between driver through UHF the drive went quickly, watching everyone go by, listening to the banter. It was good fun!


With the event wrapping up, I went past the very last car in the convoy. As I approached the finish line, it had only really just begun. I was car 101. We passed the finish line and gathered in the same area we started, Social Services Minister Christian Porter was there to congratulate everyone on the achievement. In a statement to Intents Offroad the minister said,

“The Lancelin Off-Road Muster, which was a sell-out; was a fantastic display of community spirit, I was thrilled to be a part of the day and kick off the convoy by waving the chequered flag. Well done to the Lancelin District Community Association for making the event possible; it was without a doubt the best event I’ve seen in my electorate, and probably the State, over the past decade.”

I put together a small video to highlight the days event, which is at the top. I’d say it was a great day out and it was very well organised, a big thanks to everyone who put the event together and well done to all those involved.



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  1. Kym Illman
    October 31, 08:29 Reply
    Great write-up Kyle. We have submitted our evidence to Guinness and hope they will concur with us that we have indeed broken the record. We certainly believe we've followed their stringent criteria. Upon reviewing the video the week after the event and getting our expert witness statements, we realised that the Lancelin Ambulance had not been counted. Our judges thought it was not an official entrant but it was registered and therefore bumps our total to 449 which is what we've submitted to Guinness. We will no doubt hear from them within a couple of months, hopefully with the good news they've ratified our record.
  2. brettashlin
    November 03, 17:36 Reply
    HI Kyle, You didnt happen to get anymore photos of that Gold 76 series cruiser? great write up buddy! Brett Ashlin
    • Kyle Fallon
      November 03, 19:33 Reply
      Hey Brett, I'm pretty sure I have a couple more, not as good though. Such a cool rig. Thanks!

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