Jarrahdale 4wd Day Trip

Jarrahdale 4wd Day Trip

Jarrahdale; the old logging town located about 46km from Perth (as the crow flies), is one of my favourite area’s in the Perth region. I grew up within 10 k’s of Jarrahdale and as a result had done a bit of exploring the area, so I knew about the existence of the old Alcoa railway. Alcoa operated in Jarrahdale mining bauxite between the years of 1963 and 1998, one of the reasons for choosing the area for mining included the pre-existing railway used for hauling timber since around 1872.

DSC_6699We locked in the hubs at the recently removed old railway overpass on South West Highway, which is about 1.2km before the Jarrahdale Rd turnoff. I wasn’t sure how far I would successfully travel before we reached and locked gates or destroyed tracks, but that’s all the fun of exploring. Not too long and you will find yourself gradually climbing upwards, looking over green pastures and farmlands dotted with dams and large sheds.

DSC_6704To start with the track is in surprisingly good condition considering it probably hasn’t had any maintenance since Alcoa left the area. The hill climbs are easy with no ruts, and only a few shallow puddles exist, hub depth at the most with good solid bases. Of course I checked anyway!

Further towards the top the track becomes narrow in some spots. On the really tight sections I hopped out with the machete and did a bit of track clearing, both to save the roof top tent a bit of damage and for the sake of the next person who comes along. And I can’t deny that using the machete is damn good fun!

DSC_6733The closer you get to Jarrahdale, the more houses you will go by. We crossed over a lot of driveways had a peek at some awesome backyards I could see myself owning for sure. I was careful to keep the noise and speed down so as not to upset anybody, also because I saw a lot of hoof prints; people enjoy horse riding along here I guess, and I can see why!

After 8.6km of driving you will come across Nettleton Rd. Head right here and on to Jarrahdale for a Sunday lunch at the well renowned pub, or park up the 4WD and stretch the legs on a historic walk trail around the town. There is plenty of foot and vehicle exploration do be done around Jarrahdale, especially if you are hunting for logging history, but I’ll save you from that excitement until a later post.



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  1. Aaron
    June 03, 06:04 Reply
    Love the puddle shot mate. I've not been out to Jarrahdale - I will have to check it out.
    • Alex Garner
      June 03, 09:57 Reply
      Thanks Aaron, yeah it's definitely worth a look. Plenty of cruisy Sunday activities to be done out there.
  2. […] I find from that Google search?, Well, you may have noticed me using it in my previous blog post Jarrahdale 4WD Day Trip to clear the really overgrown sections of the track, and I do keep it handy when out 4wding these […]
  3. David
    May 23, 01:14 Reply
    Heading down there for a look in June hope its all not too sloppy for HT's
    • Alex Garner
      May 23, 09:11 Reply
      You should be alright David, just let a bit of air out and you won't have any trouble :)
  4. James
    May 24, 11:47 Reply
    Will check this track out next weekend, and stop at the pub for feed.
    • Alex Garner
      May 24, 12:05 Reply
      Good stuff James, should be nice and green with a bit of water around that one right now!
  5. Suzi
    June 02, 15:26 Reply
    How long did the whole track take you?
  6. James
    June 14, 17:15 Reply
    Nice easy track, done this in 2WD (about 2 weeks ago) although would not take my Commodore on it. Beautiful country, and very disappointing to see all the rubbish people have dumped there. I have heard on other forums if you go up Nettleson Rd and onto Haul 4 rd there is some more challenging tracks, but have not been there yet. Once I have/find I will let you know. Also seen someone getting towed out of Telegraph lane on the way home. Done that about 3 weeks ago with little problems, looks like it been chopped up.
    • Alex Garner
      June 15, 16:20 Reply
      It's a shame yeah that anywhere easy to get to has rubbish dumped around it! I have poked around the old haul roads through there and found a few bog holes about. I've heard of hill climbs too but I'm yet to come across those. I managed to get lost out there for about 2 hours in the dark a few months back. So many tracks! Yeah Telegraph Lane gets hammered pretty hard, I haven't driven it cos there's just too many issues with angry people and death spikes being planted in the tracks :(
  7. Pete
    August 25, 21:15 Reply
    Hi Alex , is the entrance to this track directly after the old ridge heading towards Pinjarra ?
    • Alex Garner
      August 25, 21:42 Reply
      It's directly after the old rail bridge before Jarrahdale Rd Pete, here's a GPS co-ordinate: 32°17'51.70"S, 116° 0'36.29"E drop it straight into google earth or google maps and you'll see the spot. You head east from there.
  8. johnno
    August 07, 15:40 Reply
    Hi im new to this page, can some-one help, would like to know where the telegraph lane track is
  9. Corbs
    August 08, 07:44 Reply
    Hi guys, I tackled this track on the weekend 07/08/16, after what has been one of the wettest winters in a long time, and during some mild drizzle, and this is no longer an "easy" track. Deep ruts, cracked and broken drainage pipes, and wet granite Boulder climbs have made this far more technical and slow than it was back in March. Still highly recommend, but do remember to keep it down when passing houses, and watch for bikes and quads!
    • Alex Garner
      August 12, 20:43 Reply
      Wow! I might have to pop back up there for another look sometime!
  10. James37
    August 14, 15:38 Reply
    Just done this track today was a nice easy track stayed in 2wd the whole way I do like a challenge tho so it may seem harder to others
  11. Taff
    August 27, 17:15 Reply
    Did the track today. After all the rain last night and this morning it was slick as. The big rock right after a driveway crossing took 2 goes at being so slippery. A bit further on after the rock there is a new tree down in a gully. no way through at all. had to back up and then mounted the train tracks and drove along the train line for a few hundred metres before joining the track again. the track too a few goes to get over too due to it being wet and slippery the back wheel didn't want to go over. Good drive today with the weather as an added bonus. No way it could be done in 2WD today.
  12. Karl
    October 06, 16:50 Reply
    Took my Pajero out there today, no trouble at all. The track is relatively easy, but the winter has left a few parts uncomfortable for a beginner. Had a bit of trouble finding exactly where to go. Here's a link to help anyone else locate it. You can start here on Pruden Rd. https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Pruden+Rd,+Jarrahdale+WA+6124/@-32.300463,116.0091093,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x2a328b61d74e20f7:0x4141729d01064eb!8m2!3d-32.2999098!4d116.0107723
    • Alex Garner
      October 12, 20:51 Reply
      Quite a nice little track hey Karl? Thanks for that link too!
  13. Reece
    October 07, 08:29 Reply
    Hi Alex, I just bought my first 4wd this week. I'm planning to check this track out tomorrow. Given the little bit of rain we had this week and the high chance of thunderstorms tomorrow would you recommend this to a complete beginner? I will be alone also. Any advice greatly appreciated. Great site too! Thanks.
    • Alex Garner
      October 12, 20:51 Reply
      G'day Reece, sorry for the late reply! Did you end up going? I'd never recommend anyone to head out alone without a winch and the know how to use it. I made this mistake many times when I was starting out in 4wds. Always got stuck and had to wait hours for someone to rescue me! If you were going to take this one on with someone who has a little experience 4wding then I'd say absolutely a good track for a beginner :)
  14. Samuel
    January 01, 11:17 Reply
    Hey mate I’m starting off with this track for something easier, what pressure do you recommend for a set of 33” Mud in a BT50? Cheers
  15. Singo
    August 16, 17:26 Reply
    New to off road was gonna try this for my first go I only have an old X-Trail any tips.
    • Alex Garner
      August 25, 06:40 Reply
      You shouldn't have a problem at all mate :) Just drop your tyre pressures at the start to perhaps 25 PSI, will help with traction and lessen the chance of tyre damage. Otherwise, very easy little track :)

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