How To Change A GU Patrol Clutch

How To Change A GU Patrol Clutch

If you’re here wondering how to go about replacing the clutch in your GU patrol, or replacing the clutch in any 4wd for that matter; I pity you. Especially if you’re doing it on the floor with an engine crane or trolley jacks; it’s a tough gig.

The clutch in the RD28 powered GU is not well known for being tough and reliable, and to be honest I was surprised how long it had lasted. The best way to go is to swap the factory dual mass flywheel setup for a solid flywheel and heavy duty clutch (if you’re hard on your 4wd).

Take note of any extra parts you’re gonna need. Maybe your 4wd has the clutch slave cylinder INSIDE the bellhousing (sounds dumb but it exists), 0r perhaps you have some leaky seals which would be much easier to replace with the gearbox out? Get all the bits you need, plus a quality workshop manual and away you go.

Take a look at the video detailing the removal of the gearbox in my GU Patrol, but be warned; this is NOT an easy job for someone not mechanically inclined. Just take a look at the grief I went through!

As of the 24th of January 2016, part 2 is finally up!

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  1. Robbo
    November 28, 08:18 Reply
    Good on you for giving it a go, looks like a big job.
    • Alex Garner
      December 23, 07:55 Reply
      Big job indeed! I'll give just about anything a go haha. The only two things I refuse to mess about in is a diesel engine rebuild, or anything to do with diffs and gears.
  2. Shep
    December 06, 14:20 Reply
    Awesome - you're a much braver man than I!
  3. mIsterpete
    May 28, 22:42 Reply
    Did you have a hoist to drop the box out. Done two GUs in my time with a hoist and a hydraulic cradle. Done my 4runner using the same and in and out and back on the road withing 3 hours. For once the rear main bearing seal was not leaking so got so 80 grit sand paper and took the shine off the flywheel. . Just got back from a 900 km trip down south to the Yeagerup dunes. Sad to say but the dunes have been partly closed off due to revegetation . So it was a case of follow the tracks that the National Parks had carved out . Its full of nasty blind turns and humps that saw us get air under the front. Came out way south of where we used to come out. Headed up the beach to tackle the Calcutt dunes. Progress came to an immediate stop. The river mouth was open, and despite trying to walk it,the bottom was soft and riddled with deep holes. Met up with other 4x4 drivers and they said the Calcutt dunes have been closed as well. Bugger !!!!
    • Alex Garner
      June 08, 20:49 Reply
      Nah we didn't have a hoist, would have been so much nicer with one! Pretty rare to see a vehicle without a leaky rear main hey? I haven't been down the Yeagarup way in a fair while, but every time I do those dunes have moved and the track has changed route completely. Oh well, at least it keeps it interesting! That river mouth catches a lot of 4wders out, those who aren't sensible enough to walk it!
  4. mIsterpete
    May 28, 22:53 Reply
    Easiest way to clean the hand brake drum brake is to soak the shoes in lacquer thinners and then wipe down with a clean rag. Do it twice and no need to replace the shoes as they never were out.
    • Alex Garner
      June 08, 20:47 Reply
      That's a neat idea! Would it work on the shoes too? I only replaced the shoes cos they were covered in oil.

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