Harvey dam and Waroona dam 4×4 and camping

Harvey dam and Waroona dam 4×4 and camping

In the old days when 4WD action was cool, before Facebook groups were a thing, and when I drove an unmodified Ford Maverick – I’d head out to Harvey or Waroona dam with my mates. I’d shit myself at the sight of a slight incline (I was very green) but eventually we tired of those places and I hadn’t been back since about 2009.

Don’t laugh! It felt impressive from where I sat…

Well in December 2018 – I rallied a reunion of me, and 3 other blokes who weren’t actually my wheeling buddies in 2009. Doesn’t matter! We followed a trail from Harvey dam across the back of the hills to Waroona dam. Here’s how it went.

Bakeries are distracting. So after a few hours stuffing our face holes we finally made it to Harvey dam. Can confirm, it is a wall holding back a body of water.

To get to the 4wd area, you’ve gotta take Honeymoon road which is just North of Harvey. Follow this for about 2.5 kilometres to the following GPS coordinate: ( 33° 3’40.90″S, 115°56’2.64″E) and turn right.

There’s some pretty rough tracks down here, and when the dam is low enough, there’s some insane mud pits up the back end! I’d highly suggest not heading out here alone without a winch.

For further waypoints, Intents Offroad patreon supporters can get detailed waypoints at the end of this post.

Camping at Harvey dam isn’t allowed, however once you’re done you can return to Honeymoon road and continue along. You’ll cross a power line service track after some time. Keep going until you reach a T junction, then turn right.

Now you’re smack bang on Logue Brook Dam ( 33° 0’8.17″S, 115°57’36.00″E) where camping IS allowed. This is also known as Lake Brockman, and the accommodation side of things is handled by Lake Brockman Tourist Park. An unpowered site will set you back a measly $11 per adult, and $3 per child, per night.

They may all look the same. They kinda are…this is logue brook

The camping arrangements are quite formal here, There’s ablution blocks, powered and unpowered sites, a flash new playground for the kids, and even cabins if you’ve had enough of the swag for now!

Personally, we have not tired of canvas accommodation and pressed on to where the camping is a little more wild. You can either head back down to the highway and take the tarmac up to Waroona – or head to the back of the dam ( 32°58’45.07″S, 115°59’23.10″E) and trace the dirt roads from here. More specific waypoints are available in the Patreon waypoints package.

Using road maps will get you to Waroona dam just fine, you want to head for Scarp Road. Make a turn onto Invarell road, and you’ll soon be crossing the dam wall. If you plan on camping at the dam, make sure you stop at reception before you head on in and pay for your stay. Day use is free, but camping is $10 per night. That’s for the more natural ‘lakeside’ camping, they also have a range of cabins, powered and unpowered sites available at the main tourist park. https://www.navarino.com.au/

Don’t you just wanna camp the shit outta that?

You’ll get a map to the campsite, but not the big dirty 4×4 area. That part, I can help with! Right out on the absolute back of the dam ( 32°51’21.05″S, 116° 0’33.05″E) is the mud pits. If you like scary hill climbs, there’s one of them too at ( 32°50’45.07″S, 115°59’52.60″E).

It really is….A DAM GOOD ADVENTURE! And if you’d like to see what you’re in for, check out our video!


If you’d like access to detailed waypoints and notes for this trip, support Intents Offroad by joining Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/intentsoffroad 

If you’re already a Patron, that’s where you’ll find the password to download the following notes

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