Goldfields: Burra Rock Campground

Goldfields: Burra Rock Campground

If you’re looking for some camping near Coolgardie, or camping around Kalgoorlie – the Burra Rock campground is one I’d highly recommend!

This granite monolith can be seen rising out of the flat goldfields dirt from a kilometre or two away. Before white man, the water pooled on the rock was an important source of hydration for the local aboriginies. When European settlers came through looking for gold, it became an important water source for them too, for more industrial reasons.

The European wood cutting teams came through gathering firewood for boilers at the mines, and timbers to line mine shafts with. Off-cuts of these timbers were piled up on Burra rock, and burned in huge bonfires through the night. When the rock eventually cooled, the granite would crack, and these pieces were removed to deepen the rock hole and build walls and channels to create a dam.

At the base of the rock sits some old farming machinery. A few families attempted to farm this area with Burra rock as their water supply.

Today, there’s a picnic area here, and a few hundred metres away is the campground.

You’ll find a handful of large, well shaded campsites. Each has a fire pit, and a couple have a picnic table. There’s also a toilet block with two long drop dunnies and a tap on the outside. The water isn’t fit for drinking, and I assume the dam on the rock is the water source.

Other than this, it’s all out bush camping. No power, no bins so you’ll have to trek out what you bring in. And no camping fees! There is 4G phone reception (Telstra) but only if you climb to the top of Burra rock. Bonus! The outside world can’t get to you at camp!

To get here from Coolgardie, take Hunt street out of town, which will change into Nepean Rd. After 23.8 Kilometres, turn left onto the well graded Burra Rock road, and continue 34.3 kilometres until you reach Burra rock. This route is suitable for two wheel drive vehicles and caravans.

For a little more adventure, you can also reach Burra rock from the south, via the 4WD only Woodlines track! 

The GPS location of Burra Rock is  31°23’34.91″S, 121°12’0.26″E


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