GEAR ENVY: Ryobi 18v Chainsaw

GEAR ENVY: Ryobi 18v Chainsaw


I dunno about you, but some of the tracks I find myself on out in the bush can become pretty overgrown. A bit of pin striping down the side of the rig is something that most of us can live with, but the game changes when it comes to thicker branches that might damage spotlights or pulverize a snorkel head. I use a machete to help me out when it comes to this, but this little battery chainsaw would be VERY handy!

The Ryobi 18v chainsaw is certainly not a replacement for your 2 stroke chainsaw; with a 10 inch bar it’s simply not for big jobs. But seeing as you are likely going to be hopping in and out of the car every hundred metres or so to clear another branch, the battery saw makes perfect sense. No fuel or 2 stroke oil to worry about, no fouled spark plugs, no noise and no having to start the bloody thing every time you need to make a cut. Just hop out of your car, pull the trigger and slice that branch right off. All you need to worry about is keeping it topped up with bar oil; most of us have an inverter these days, so charging batteries shouldn’t be a problem. This little chainsaw will set you back $199 from Bunnings or if you already have Ryobi 18v tools, you can purchase just the saw for $109.


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  1. Johnny-James
    February 23, 22:07 Reply
    #ryobipowertools @ryobipowertools Wow. This just got priority #1 spot on my IWANTINEED! list.... 2014..? I've never seen one before til now!!! Been using ryobi one+ battery tools for years now I can't imagine using any hand power tools from any other make, and you can use the smaller more affordable lithium battery in place of the larger one, but having got one for the new impact drill, I go pretty much a whole day of decking, without needing to charge, its well worth the relatively low price the bang/buck ratio is through the roof, floor, walls, rebar or whatever it may be, get the quick cut, grinder, saw's-all and your a formidable force not to get held up by any of the demo reno elements! This chainsaw to the squad I'm sure won't ever need to stop going , and going anywhere is where I'm going !

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