GEAR ENVY: Haswing Fishing Kayak

GEAR ENVY: Haswing Fishing Kayak


Triple rod holders, electric trolling motor, foot pedal operated rudder, fold out side stabilizers and a whole load more. This kayak has more fruit than an Italian growers market. I spotted this bad boy in BCF on one of my many xmas shopping trips last week (I keep forgetting someone’s present each time, how unfortunate!). This one is designed as a fishing kayak, hence the side stabilizers and weird looking bar to hang on to when you’re standing. It has a 200kg weight capacity, so lets say 90kg of person and 110kg of fish. Or in my case 80kg of person and 120kg of seaweed and old tyres cos I don’t fish too well. The kayak itself weighs 61kg not including the 100ah deep cycle battery you also need to purchase. Stick that in there and you’re probably look at around 80kg. It comes with a paddle included, but hauling that weight through the water by hand will get old real quick, good thing you’ve got that electric motor!

What do I reckon? Pretty nifty bit of gear, but I reckon it’s pushing the limits of the word kayak very close into dinghy territory.

You can pick up a Haswing at BCF stores for $1699.00, or $1499.00 if you get there before 24/12/14.


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  1. brent allen-hauser
    May 11, 07:20 Reply
    they are a deathtrap. i bought one and water comes over the nose, fills the footwell and the footwell controls arent sealed - so the water goes into the hull - last time i went out it took on 100l - lucky by the time i realised the nose was going down i was 50m from home and was able to power in. these things need to be withdrawn from sale and recalled before someone gets killed - after my experience i came home and googled them and others have had the same problem with a townsville man having to abandon his and swim home.
    • Alex Garner
      May 13, 16:30 Reply
      Wow, that is insane man! What a bummer, especially in such an expensive kayak!

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