GEAR ENVY: Emu Swags

GEAR ENVY: Emu Swags



Over the past couple of years the good old Aussie swag has undergone a lot of change, unfortunately the most notable change is that they are mostly manufactured in china! The only thing that differentiates one brand from another is…well….nothing actually. Aside from the badge that each company slaps on to call it their own, it’s the same thing built to turn over a quick buck.

But not Emu Swags! These bad boys have been designed, made, tested and re-designed again¬†until the best possible swag was born. And all right here in Australia. You’re getting 7 feet in length for the tall buggers, 1 meter in width for the wide buggers and a generous amount of head space to boot. 15 oz canvas will keep sunlight, rain, hail, firestorms and the apocalypse out of your sleeping space. And none of that is getting through the bottom either with a PVC base. Of course if the apocalypse isn’t coming tonight, you can open up your epic windows and let that lovely weather breeze on through.

Still considering a cheap knock off? Take another look at that picture up there. THIS SWAG IS CAMO!!

What’s it gonna set you back? $749.


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  1. Anthony French
    November 25, 11:58 Reply
    Thanks Alex, your right, we are all Australian Owned & Made. Emu

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