ENO Hammock: First look and test run

ENO Hammock: First look and test run

This ENO Doublenest Hammock and Atlas XL suspension system have been kindly provided by Eagles Nest Outfitters. What legends! Regardless, everything you read here is truthful and my own opinion. 

I tried hammock camping a while ago. One day I thought “here’s an idea! Buy a hammock, walk into the bush, and sleep in it!”. So I did, and it was terrible. No sleeping bag, just the clothes on my back. My hammock cost $10, was tiny and made of the same mesh as a fishing net I think. Worst night ever! But Eagles Nest Outfitters (who I will refer to as ENO from here on) are attempting to sway me back into hammock territory with something a little more purpose built. The DoubleNest hammock.


It rocked up in the post last month after a long ride from the USA. I excitedly unpacked it, not knowing what to expect; and found a Camo coloured hammock. Gosh guys! My favourite colour! How did you know!? There was also the Atlas XL suspension system, which until recently I was unaware of the advantages it held over plain old rope. But we’ll go into that later.

Anyway, the time has come to wrangle my courage and give the old hammock camping a go again. And I couldn’t have picked a worse time or place to do it…. The destination is a place called Collie a couple of hours from Perth. Some of you know why I’m worried; Collie gets bullshit cold! Not only does Collie get cold, but the weather forecast is a 90% chance of rain both days with a big fat thunderstorm rolling through on one of them. A baptism of fire, or more likely ice, for my hammock test.


Previous experience tells me that getting a hammock set up right can take a bit of fiddling around, so I decided to do a test run in the backyard. That way I wouldn’t be relying on flashes of lightning to illuminate my first ever hammock setup. It turns out I didn’t have much to worry about though, the Atlas XL suspension is a great idea! All you do is wrap it around your tree or post, back through a loop on itself and then clip the hammocks carabiner clip onto one of the stitched in loops which allow you to adjust for height and distance between the trees. It took me 2 minutes to having the hammock hanging.


With the hammock hanging nicely, I got to work on my shelter. There’s no way I’m open air hammocking in the rain! I’m using an Oztrail Hiker Fly which is 3.5 metres long by 2.1 metres wide. I grabbed this one off eBay for about $45 for future hiking adventures, I’ll review this later down the track. The fly was also easier than expected to set up. With the guy ropes already attached I can just tie it to the same trees as the hammock, and rope it down to the ground.


Now it looks cosy, but is it? Well, I can see myself having a good sleep in it, but there are a few things I’m worried about. First up is the rocking, and I get seasickness like no man before. I might not have a problem, who knows? The second issue is the cold, and the lack of insulation below me causing my arse to freeze. I’m still in deep thought about methods I can use to get around that, without having to bring stacks of blankets or sleeping mats. The third and final problem I can forsee is rainwater running down the suspension straps and soaking me through. That’s bad times, but I have collected some information from an incredible website which might just help me! TheUltimateHang.com 


That’s it for now, wish me luck!


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