Camping At Wellington Dam

Camping At Wellington Dam

This post was last edited on 5 December 2016

Everybody has their favourite spot right? Generally somewhere close to home, but far enough away to disconnect. Or maybe it’s a little further away, but every easter is spent there with the family. Wellington Dam is one of my top picks for a few nights away from Perth. 

Where is it?

Wellington Dam is located 186 kilometres from Perth, though the eastern bank of the dam is where you wanna camp. To get there, head on a little further to Collie, and follow Mungalup Road out of town to the south. After 10.9km take a right at Kelly Road, and follow this west until you reach the dam. Now take your pick! If you’re here at the end of spring through to the end of autumn you should be able to camp right on the banks of the dam. In winter, camps can be a little more limited due to the higher water; but plenty are still around!



The dam is chock full of fish! Especially Redfin Perch. You’ll need a freshwater fishing license to keep it legal. Powered watercraft are not allowed, but you can bring the kayak along and have a paddle. The dam is good for swimming, there’s plenty of trees to hang a hammock and chill, and even a few decent 4wd tracks to explore!


Rules & Restrictions

The eastern side of Wellington Dam doesn’t really have much in the way of restrictions, which is why I love it! Fire bans are in place from 30th November to 15th April each year, but it’s best to check if you’re coming into the warmer months – authorities may change these dates if fire conditions are bad. Aside from that, bring your dog, take out all of your rubbish and respect any neighbours you may have and you can’t go wrong!


Nearest Facilities

The town of Collie is a pretty big town, and is likely to be under 20km from where you choose to camp. There are many options available for food, fuel, supplies and medical help.


Booking & Fees

None and none! Just rock up and enjoy yourself 🙂

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  1. Murph
    February 17, 15:07 Reply
    Greetings and salutations Alex, Your posts and videos are very entertaining! You truly have a flair for writing that is both fun and informational. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos for 2017 and while the subie is a cruiser, I hope to see you outfitted with a more substantial 4x4 in the near future. We can't get any of the cool vehicles you have available here in the states (California is the worst) so I'll have to stick with my Jeep. Take it easy and best wishes for 2017.
  2. Dave
    March 06, 19:14 Reply
    Hi Alex, Thanks for the information I really enjoy reading your website and watching your YouTube vids. I've just been on the collie visitor centre website and it says campfire bans in the shire are between December 15 and March 14th. Yet on the dpaw website it says camp fires are banned from December through to April as you've stated above. Is Wellington dam a dpaw area as this is all a little confusing. Dpaw campsites seem to generally have designated camping areas but seems like Wellington dam you can camp where you want??
    • Alex Garner
      April 12, 16:14 Reply
      I had the same issue there mate, trying to get a straight answer. I think you might be right to go with what the visitor centre website says, I chose the more inclusive of the two dates to cover my arse :)
  3. Charlie
    December 11, 18:46 Reply
    Hi I have been told that here are restrictions and you cant take your pet. can you please offer any assistance
  4. Pete
    January 29, 19:05 Reply
    Do you a google map link to the area you were camping?
  5. Tye
    August 03, 07:57 Reply
    Hi was out there not long ago and seen signs saying no entry and cameras are in use the only road I could find to go down was Palmar road? Have you been lately and might be able to tell me if roads are open again etc
    • Alex Garner
      September 03, 06:53 Reply
      Last time I was out there was November 2017 and didn't see any signs then. Were the signs along Kelly road?

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