Busselton’s Secret 4WD Track

Busselton’s Secret 4WD Track

The Busselton secret 4WD track. What a gem it was! And I say ‘was’ because sadly I have been advised that this track is no longer. As it turns out, no matter how much you preach responsibility; an ever increasing majority of four wheel drive owners seem to retain the mentality from their skid pig commodore driver days. This resulted in heavy damage to the area and it is now closed for re-vegetation. I leave this post of images and a video to remind us all how great it was.















One more thing, check out the video from the trip below!


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  1. Anne
    July 03, 11:48 Reply
    Looks good, I have not been to the Blackwood River so we need to get down that way soon.
  2. tim machin
    July 03, 22:25 Reply
    I downloaded all the tracks for hema maps im running hema on android and it dosent even recinize the files
    • Alex Garner
      July 06, 07:54 Reply
      Hi Tim, the Hema waypoint and track files I use are for Hema navigators and other navigators running OziExplorer only. The Android and IOS Hema apps have a different way of doing things and your best option is to download the text waypoints for manual entry.
  3. […] It’s all easily done in a day, but we settled in to camp for the night. The following day heading out of Julimar is where I got sad. I won’t go into detail here, you can see that in the video. The result of the whole ordeal though, was ankle deep mud through the entire front and rear sections of the vehicle. Right after I’d removed and washed the carpets after the Adelaide Road Trip! […]
  4. Robbie
    May 14, 21:29 Reply
    Gday. Gotta basic navara 4door ute...9man tent....wife....3yr old an 5yr old kids....and we like2get out there. S there a family friendly group i can get n touch wth pls? We jus moved2 Vasse
    • Alex Garner
      June 02, 09:14 Reply
      Hey Robbie, try the South West 4WD Club http://www.southwest4wdclub.com.au/ or Downsouth 4WD Club buddy! https://www.facebook.com/downsouth4wdclub/
  5. Roger Speldewinde
    September 22, 22:04 Reply
    Busseltons secret track is actually quite a challenge especially if trying to cross the Blackwood when the water is a bit higher. It is is one of those tracks which appears quite easy but if you got stuck by yourself, you might find yourself waiting for quite some time for any assistance. Roger S
    • Alex Garner
      September 27, 18:48 Reply
      Absolutely right mate! It's the wettest track I've ever driven by far! And once you're bellied out in a pool of water, you're really up shit creek.
  6. Howwlyn
    September 02, 01:27 Reply
    Hey fellas you need to return!! This track has got so much better not for learner drivers anymore went out tonight and yep holes are so much deeper and the big hole before mowed road Nick named Jamie's hole as that who created it killing two cars in the process .. anyone who goes there now be full warned stay hard to the left of the trees if you don't have a lift and snorkel .. the jump up is still tame creek hill has a few extra ruts excellent out there then head to what we call mud Central which is off sues road on the right in the pines so much fun in there the rule is two wheel drive until you get stuck !
  7. John Berryman
    January 02, 16:15 Reply
    I'm interested in doing the trip while I'm in Bussellton. Any chance I could get direction or way points.
  8. Mainey
    January 08, 02:41 Reply
    the second half of the track has been rebuilt now (Jan 2018) and is a good 'road' in the bush :) I also got swamped in one of the larger 'ruts' with water coming up to the windscreen and had to be winched back out last year.
  9. Col105
    February 05, 13:52 Reply
    Hi Keen to try out the Busselton track.. I it possible to get gps or waypoints? Cheers
  10. Shoey85
    May 05, 19:06 Reply
    is this just called the Adelaide Track now?

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