Beer Pancakes

Beer Pancakes

Whaaaaaat? Beer Pancakes? Are those two words even allowed next to each other? My opinion is yes; if peanut butter and jelly can exist alongside one another in a sandwich (yuck!) then beer and flour should be allowed to co-exist in the form of a pancake. I kind of adapted this recipe from something rather complex, down to something that can barely be called a recipe. And here it is!

What Goes In:

  • beer-pancakes-intents-offroadSupermarket shelf pancake mix. Plain flavoured, preferably a cheap and nasty one which is less likely to have any flavour
  • Beer. I chose Corona. Take the amount of water or milk required on the pancake mix and replace with the same amount of beer
  • Tasty little extras such as currants, nuts, chocolate depending on how you feel (optional)
  • Maple Syrup, Butter and Bacon to top it all off

Creating The Masterpiece:

It’s as simple as the packet mix says! Put your currants, chocolate or nuts into the tub first; then most pancake mixes are a ‘simply add water’ affair. Just substitute the water for the same amount of beer and give it a good shake. Remember, beer pretty much explodes when shaken so you will have to loosen the cap a few times to release the pressure to avoid coating your camp in pancake mix! When it comes to choosing a beer, a light one is recommended. Stronger beers will obviously make it taste more beer like, but be careful not to choose an IPA or something or your pancakes will be bitter as a mother-in-laws tongue!


If you’re cooking for a crowd, cook all the bacon up first and set it aside to keep warm. Then use as many frying pans as possible to maximize pancake production. Then let everyone serve themselves up with their choice of pancake, bacon, butter and maple syrup.

The Verdict:

So everybody was rightfully skeptical about beer flavoured pancakes, but they all loved it at first bite! Corona was perhaps a little too light on with the flavour, so perhaps try something a little bit stronger to get a bit more beer flavour happening. Naturally beer and bacon go together like peas in a pod, maple syrup on top of that didn’t suit everybody’s tastes but was fine by me!

beer-pancakes recipe


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