Bear Grylls knife review

Bear Grylls knife review

That’s not a knife…THAT’S a knife!

This most memorable movie quote is of course from the movie Crocodile Dundee, a film which is probably largely responsible for American perceptions of Aussies being crazy croc wrestling, roo riding, shrimp frying hooligans. This isn’t true for everybody, but for those of us who like to wrestle the odd croc and also knock up a few shrimp around the campfire, the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro knife made by Gerber might be the blade for you.

BG KnifeNow pocket knives and Leatherman’s are great tools, and I have found the odd time when I needed a set of pliers on a Leatherman, and the bottle opener is always welcome, but they are always lacking in the blade department. Just a simple knife is what I wanted, with no dicky tools tacked on to get in the way of some pure slicing and dicing ability. So anyway, Christmas rolls around and a very generous brother-in-law named Lee sends this my way. Immediately I am slightly biased as I love Bear Grylls, I don’t care how many people say he’s not for real or he sleeps in a hotel at night. I find him very entertaining and I just wanna get out there and explore. Besides, you don’t believe reality TV is real do you?

Anyway, back on track and I open the knife up, first thing I notice it this thing is nice and solid! A well balanced 230 grams with a 12cm blade, a comfortable and ergonomic handle coming in at just over 25cm total length. I proceed to eat Christmas lunch with the knife, sharing the same excitement as the kids struggling with armfuls of Christmas toys.

There are no instructions, so over the course of the day I start discovering handy features about the knife, such as the holes in the handle up near the blade. They are there to make it easier to lash the knife to a stick or pole to create a quick spear, go all bush tucker man and spear yourself a roo if that suits your fancy. Or the little plastic dongle hanging off the end of the knife, an extremely loud survival whistle in case your adventures turn to struggles. Even the part that the whistle is attached to is solid metal, making it useful for hammering (if you are a good aim).


If you were starting to think this knife sounds pretty handy, you’re gonna be sold after I tell you about the sheath! The sheath has even more features than the knife, and yet none of them manage to get in the way. Starting from the back, the knife has a stitched on panel showing the international signs for signalling distress, but one side of this panel is missing it’s stitching. Dodgy? Nope! It has been designed that way so as the waterproof survival instructions can be folded up and tucked in there. And as for the survival instructions, they have hints on building shelters, lighting fires and well…surviving! I also later found that the sheath can be unstrapped and open up further to reveal a knife sharpener built in, between the sheath and the belt attachment.

Lastly moving on to the front you will find a clip in flint stick, everyone’s favourite method of starting a fire, even if it is more difficult than matches. The knife slots into the plastic sheath and is further secured by a Velcro strap at the top which goes around the handle. All of this can be attached to your belt, either hanging down from one loop, or secured horizontally and presumably to the back of your belt.

Gerber Bear Grylls Knife

Is there anything I don’t like? Honestly not really, it is a brilliant and fun to use general purpose knife, with just enough features to be handy and not be in the way. Something like this is a worthwhile consideration when you are next in the market for a camping knife.

Whoops, nearly forgot! Where do you get you hands on the Bear Grylls and other Gerber gear? Locally at BCF (Boating, Camping, Fishing) stores or of course online if you don’t mind a wait.


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  1. lindamartino
    April 13, 09:28 Reply
    Now that IS a knife!! Cannot wait for Christmas. This is going on my list.
  2. Rhys Maylam
    April 13, 19:43 Reply
    I want one now!! Actually I've wanted one for a long time but that helped me make up my mind!! Nice write up, btw.
  3. […] campsites where hidden snags took most of my lures and we started our fire like real men with my Bear Grylls knife and flint. Seeing as catching fish for dinner was my entire plan, I was left eating a tin of baked […]
  4. Knife Hunting
    October 17, 05:46 Reply
    Got one of these in August - and have used it every weekend since! fantastic blade, great all rounder, even after heavy use it's still sharp as the day I brought it! Nice article! Thanks

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