Auto Diff locker review- 4WD Systems Lokka

Auto Diff locker review- 4WD Systems Lokka

Recently, I purchased a Lock Right Lokka for my front diff on the 80 series Land Cruiser. After much thought about I went with the cheap mechanical option as opposed to electric or air operated. It was a risk I was willing to take and it payed off extremely well. I bought a pair; they were on special from 4wd Systems in Adelaide for $800. $800! For two diff lockers! So little money for so much traction! Tax money well spent.2016-07-25-16-04-15

The front Lokka install was long, as I expected a total of seven hours. The process of removing the diff center was straight forward, hubs off, bearings out, CVs and shafts out. It was what I expected and on a solid axle vehicle it’s a fairly straight forward process.

Fitting the Lokka inside the differential carrier was somewhat more technical. It involved checking measurements and clearances etc. The process of fitting the Lokka is something you want to spend time doing as it’s crucial to not miss a step or have clearances out of tolerance. The instructions given by 4wd Systems provide a good walk through on how to install a lock right Lokka; however having knowledge of mechanics was definitely a help.

Before refitting the diff center – cleaning the components, bearings, hubs, and CV’s was something I thought I’d better do. Also re-greasing the bearings, and adding fresh grease to the CV’s was something that wouldn’t hurt being done. Getting it back together was just a matter of remembering what goes where; pretty basic stuff if you order the components as you remove them. Fill the diff with oil and away we go. Then to test out the Lokka, 4wd systems specify that you do an unlock test; which I did. It’s a matter of holding one wheel while spinning the other to test if the unlocking mechanism works, which it did. After that a road test, checking the turning circle and seeing how it goes in sand, I found that it works perfectly.


Comprehensive instructions from 4WD Systems

This small test wasn’t enough to show me the true power that I’d just got my grubby hands on. That weekend I planned a Wilbinga dunes trip with a few friends. We aired down and took the long track west towards the coast, once we hit the dunes I locked the hubs and drove in anticipation. Right away I felt the Lokka engage. You feel the steering gets a little tighter, but nothing that will strain your arms. Turning corners on the tight dune tracks was easy, no trouble. The behavior of the Lokka is similar to over steer, you kick the rear out and the steering wheel spins in your hands (anyone who’s ever done a wet lap or has any interest in drifting will understand) back towards the center. It’s quite a cool feeling, it takes a little getting used to but it doesn’t take

On the beach in Wilbinga, known for its very soft sand, my cruiser felt unstoppable, constantly roaring through the thick boggy sand without delay. I even managed to change up a few gears and still keep going in high range, where before I would’ve dropped too much momentum and got stuck. The sand hills were the same; It impressed me with what it could do.

The next test was mud, the Captain Fawcett track in Dwellingup during the middle of winter. A lot of the track was pretty basic, hitting every hole all three of our convoy had no trouble, two locked, one open diffs. However there was one hole with a bit of a step up that required just was the lokka had to offer. We watched as one 76 series Land Cruiser got stuck just out of the hole, as did a GU patrol. The next 76 in their party took the easy way around. I took it upon myself to give it all I could, with a bit of right boot and a Lokka I made it look easy, followed closely behind me was a friend of mine with a rear Lokka. I was pretty happy with that performance, as was he.


So the Lock Right Lokka by 4wd Systems, what can I say; it is everything I wanted. I’ve found it to be the perfect traction aide and has made my 4×4 way more capable. I’m tackling so many harder tracks these days and I have this great product to thank for it. Cheap, easy to install, and does exactly what it says it should on the box. I’m very happy with it.

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Kyle Fallon is a Mechanic, a 4wd and camping enthusiast who drives an 80 series Landcruiser. Kyle loves to bring his adventures to life through words and pictures.

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  1. Mrpete
    November 18, 14:42 Reply
    I have a 1990 V6 Toyota 4runner - dont laugh - its been places that the Patrols and L/Cruisers havent been able to go. Its basically bog standard from the time I bought. It has an alloy "bull bar" in the front, with Hella HID driving lights,LPG was fitted in 2007. I had the Lock Right Lokka fitted in the rear which has been a godsend. Never got around to fit a front lokka as getting the fron diff out is a hell of a job, but the rear locker has saved the day many times. On the odd ocasion, when I have got one front wheel in the air, I have reversed back, and gone up my incline with more momentum and over the top of the hill or what ever without any problems I have thought if fittng a locker in the front, but for me I would never get the use out of it, as the vehicle is now getting near the end of its useful life and will end up in the Motor Museum in Whiteman Park All the USA emission crap was removed when the LPG was installed and from 18L/100 km on the open road its now down to 13/L per 100 km on the road between Perth and Geraldton. In the bush it can vary depending on how good or bad the track is. It goes without saying that the best place for a locker, is in the rear and is a must have item fitted to ones 4x4
  2. Merv
    March 16, 18:22 Reply
    Hey Kyle, I know its been a while. Have you still got the 80 series with the auto LOKKA? I am thinking the LOKKA solution might be the go for me as well, already have an air locker in the rear just need a little help up the front every now and again. Do you still think its a good solution and hows the steering going with the LOKKA in? Also how much work was actually involved in installing it yourself? Cheers
    • Kyle Fallon
      March 16, 23:11 Reply
      Hi Merv, No I don’t have the 80 series anymore unfortunately. But I still highly recommend the Lokka in the front, absolutely loved it. Bang for buck it was the best mod I ever did to it and was unbeatable off-road. In regards to install, if you can do wheel bearings, you can do this. There’s not much more to it and while removing the spider gears and installing the Lokka is a bit more technical the print out instructions are very good. Hope that answers your question. Kyle
  3. Ch@moVzla
    November 22, 04:18 Reply stuff mate! I am in the process of buying both front & rear Lokka Diff lockers for my FJ70 LHD - and I've been looking for reviews to know if this Lokka brand is a good investment and it sounds that they do a pretty dang job! any pointers in install for 70 series besides the basic mechanical and fitting to get everything in place?
    • Kyle Fallon
      November 28, 10:46 Reply
      My tips would be to make sure everything is nice a clean as you take it out, and laying everything on a nice clean surface in an order so you can chuck it all back in. You’ll also want to be very sure when you’re measuring the clearances inside the diff. Good luck, it’s a bit tricky if you’ve not done it before but it’s very rewarding and bang for buck a great mod! Kyle
  4. Heltan
    May 28, 13:48 Reply
    Hi. I have a 2014 Toyota Hilux KUN series. I need automatic lockers for the front axle. What is the model/serial no. of the specific locker for my ute? I am getting an option for the lockers suitable for Toyota 8" with 4 cylinders. Is the latter suitable? Looking forward to your feedback

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