7 Must have Upgrades For Your Kayak

7 Must have Upgrades For Your Kayak

Sometimes there’s only so far your vehicle can take you. From there it’s out on foot to reach your destination. But unless you’re Jesus H Christ or something, you can’t walk on water. Now is the time when you might start thinking of adding a kayak to your collection of adventure toys. They can be had cheap (a basic one on special can go for about $300), they are light and therefor easy to transport, they are maneuverable through shallow water and tight places, and it can get ya fit too!

For the beginner, purchasing a cheap kayak will get you the very basics. I have done just that and over time I have found these seven modifications to be cheap and essential to the enjoyment of my kayak. Read on!

 1: Hull Storage.

This little mod is a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ affair. The first bird that needs killing is that the storage inside most kayaks is not completely waterproof whilst the second is that anything you put in there has the tendency to end up at the other end of the kayak! The solution is simple, purchase a couple of those clip-lock containers from the supermarket and some stick on Velcro strips. Stick some pieces of Velcro inside your hatch at the bottom of the kayak and stick some on the bottom of each container and you now have waterproof containers that won’t slip around.

Clip lock containers held to the floor with velcro make excellent waterproof containers for your electronics.

2: A Removable Back-Rest.

I’m absolutely starting off with THE BEST thing you can do to your sit on top kayak here. After 10 minutes of paddling you’re probably going to have a sore back but I’m telling you; a back rest will almost COMPLETELY alleviate that problem! You can get them as an entire seat or just the back rest part starting from about $50 and most kayaks will already have the points to clip it on.

3: Kayak Wall Mount.

Major drawback to kayak ownership here, they take up some serious space! Well, somebody was kind enough to think of how much distress this problem causes you and they have come up with a wall mounting kit to get it up off the floor and (you guessed it) onto the wall. Head to your local kayak dealer and you will find these easily, for a price of roughly $40 to $130. Now decided whether you want to spend the money, or are you handy enough to knock up the same thing at home?


4: A Paddle Leash.

If you only go paddling on smooth glassy ponds you probably don’t need one. But when I go all man overboard in the surf or moving water, I don’t want to be deciding whether to chase the kayak or the paddle! I picked mine up for $15 at the local outdoors store.

5: A Life Jacket.

Really I suppose you should be wearing a life jacket at all times, but I do prefer to leave mine off when I’m on lakes or calm rivers as they can get in the way a little. As soon as I’m on the ocean or I’m needing the paddle to slow down rather than keep momentum, I know it’s time for the life jacket. You may struggle to find one much under $100, but hey! It’s your life we’re talking about here!

_DSC04476: Camera Mounts.

Pictures; or it didn’t happen! Of course I’m talking action camera’s here. If you’ve got a Go-Pro as most people do it’s as simple as buying a pack of the stick on mounts that your Go-Pro clips into and sticking them around the kayak for your preferred camera angles. I paid $5 for a pack of 5 chinese knock-off’s which do the same job!

7: An Anchor.

If you ever want to stop (and stay there) while you take a photo, have a drink, grab a sandwich or go fishing from your kayak; you’ll be wanting an anchor. Good news is they are pretty cheap! You can pick one up from BCF for $20 or you can knock up something at home! (check out HERE for a DIY dumbell anchor).

So there you go, that’s 7 things I reckon every kayak owner should have. Most are very cheap,  some are a little pricier and no, I don’t yet have everything on the list myself.

Do you have a mod or part on your kayak that you absolutely love? One that all kayaks should roll off the assembly line equipped with? Make sure you share your thoughts with us all in the comments!


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  1. FishermanG
    October 08, 07:49 Reply
    Upgrade 1: a 6 pack esky strapped behind the seat. Upgrade 2: an insulated stubby holder screwed down within arms reach of the seat. Upgrade 3: fishing rod holder. Get one of those twist to remove jobs that swivels 360 & tilts up & down. Upgrade 4: two of those U-shape spring clips for clipping the paddle along side the yak while you float away fishing & drinking.

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