7 Mile Beach – Camping Near Geraldton

7 Mile Beach – Camping Near Geraldton

This post was last edited on 17/01/2017

Good free camps off the main roads are becoming harder and harder to find these days. They are around, you’ve just gotta know where to look! Well if you’re looking for somewhere to stop for a night or two near Geraldton, 7 mile beach might be your place.

Where is it?

55km South of Geraldton and just 10km north of Dongara, the Seven Mile Beach camp is located just over 2km off the Brand Highway. We can stay up to 72 hours, or 3 days in any 28 day period here and there are no designated campsites that you need worry about fighting over. Just a large gravel area with a few more little secluded spots poked away in the corners.


Things to do:

There’s a good bit of reef protecting 7 mile beach, which not only makes it nice and calm for swimming; but great for snorkelling! Fishing here was not reported by a local in Dongara as being particularly great, although he did say he’d hear rumours about a nice deep hole in the reef that is lined with unfathomable quantities of crayfish. 

This beautiful bit of reef is only 20 metres or so off shore!

This beautiful bit of reef is only 20 metres or so off shore!

Rules and Restrictions: 

There is a 72 hour stay limit in place at this camp, and that applies over a period of 28 days. So I guess they cottoned onto the idea of going somewhere else for a night and coming back. Further to that, only self contained setups are allowed here. That means you’ve gotta have your own water on board, a greywater collection system and an onboard toilet. Which pretty much limits this spot to RV’s and caravans. No fires are allowed here either.

Nearest Facilities:

Dongara is only 10 Kilometres south of here and has most of what you’d need. 3 or 4 fuel stations, an IGA, a few bottle shops, hardware store, mechanical repairs and plenty more. If you’re after bigger stores and a wider range of everything, head to Geraldton – 55km to the north.


Booking & Fees:

Neither of either are required! Just rock up and set up!


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  1. Jack
    October 05, 19:08 Reply
    Good write up Alex. Word of warning: rangers in the Shire of Irwin are very meticulous with policing these 72 hour camps (there are 3 of them between Dongara and Leeman). I stopped in at Seven Mile for a night's rest in the ute and was promptly ejected by the ranger at 7 AM because I didn't have a toilet. The guy camped next to me said rangers had been there twice a day like clockwork. Armed with iPads and all. Same deal at Cliff Head further south. I get that the line has to be drawn because people leave a mess, but it is a shame as there are so few free spots along this very nice (and very long) stretch of coast. Then again, you get what you get when you don't read the rules on the sign closely enough! Cheers, Jack.
  2. Ric
    July 02, 10:54 Reply
    I have stayed at the 7 mile many times over the years was really nice some years ago when it was mostly grass covered great for small children to play on then some idiot removed all the nice clean grass and replaced it with dusty gravel "what a shame" i guess eventually the grass will return in years to come but in the meantime we have to put up with dusty gravel or go else where which i do mostly. Also Dongara needs to provide somewhere for caravans to top up their water tanks instead of having to travel all the way over to the boat ramp and use the coin operated water tap which you can`t shut off when you have filled your tank wasting all that water
  3. Anonymous
    July 03, 08:22 Reply
    Further, even if you have a chemical toilet, like we did, in the back of our landcruiser, if it isn’t setup for use in its tent in clear view for the ranger you will get a rude awakening. It’s fine to police the rules but the ranger that woke us was a real jackass.

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