Will YOU survive summer camping? 5 tips to beat the heat

Will YOU survive summer camping? 5 tips to beat the heat

The holiday season is now firmly upon us people. Over the next few weeks many of you will be making your way out of the city to your favourite Christmas camping destination. If you’re lucky you won’t get caught out in a week long heat wave above 40 degrees. And if you’re smart; you will be trying to snag a spot next to a river or the surf. Many years ago, Scouts adopted the phrase “be prepared” as one of their motto’s; and in this blog post I have pulled together 5 tricks to help you be prepared for the Christmas heat.

North Point by 4wd near Margaret River1: Location Location Location

It goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyway) that nobody should be camping in the desert during the summer months. Not only might the camping be uncomfortable, but you also risk death. Serious business! Instead, try for a spot near to the ocean, or my personal favourite: next to a river. Before you drop everything and make camp in the first decent spot, take a moment to think about where the sun rises and sets. You should aim to be well shaded from midday and afternoon sun. If you are camping somewhere with mountains, and rivers aren’t an option; try and choose to camp at a higher elevation. Higher elevation=lower temperatures.

 2: Insulate Your Accommodation

Just as the worst of the cold weather radiates up from the ground into your sleeping quarters, so does the heat. Get a tarp under your tent to try and help insulate from the heat, maybe double it over if you can. If you’re swagging it, use a stretcher bed to get some ground clearance. Cover the whole shebang with tarp if you can, a nice big thick tarp too, probably the same one that I suggested In My Previous Blog Post with the silver side up to reflect the sun. Set this up at least a foot above your tent/swag but probably higher; you’ll want some shade yourself!


 3: Get That Airflow

Tent’s and swags get incredibly stuffy in the heat! I hope you’ve got a setup with good airflow feature’s because one door and a pokey mesh window ain’t gonna cut it. Leave the fly off your tent if possible, if you’ve got one of those bells and whistles type swags; open up the stargazer mesh on top. I have a 12v fan for those really hot nights. That’s a top option for people like myself in roof top tents but also viable if you don’t mind running a power lead from the car (or using a lot of D cell batteries). If all else fails, lather up with insect repellent and pass out on the picnic table. Doesn’t get much breezier than that!

 beach-camping-summer-tips-survival-esperance4: Drink Like A Fish

And I don’t mean alcohol either. Not to be a party pooper but as the mercury rises, you need less of the golden ales and more of the clear boring stuff. Put a bit of cordial in it to turn the excitement up a notch, but don’t go sneaking any Gin or Vodka in it ya cheeky bugger. Cold water is of course far more appealing, and will help you cool off considerably but here’s a handy hint: warmer water is absorbed more easily by the body should somebody become a little dehydrated.

5: Time Your Activities

If it’s gonna be deadly hot, might be wise to give the hiking a miss. Save that kind of business for early mornings and late afternoons. Instead, opt for reading books and magazines in the shade, swimming, fishing or take a drive in the air conditioned car throughout the heat of the day. And don’t be a fool and go out sun tanning, you’ll feel like a leather boot in a sauna when you hit the hay for the next 3 nights.


Well, that’s about all from me. Do you reckon you’ve got some hot weather survival tips to add? Help a fellow camper out and let us all know in the comments. You might just make somebody’s Christmas!


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  1. rolly
    October 18, 21:14 Reply
    way to go Alex bit of fishing ,relaxing ,camping four wheel driving keep it up Alex a lot of viewers look at this and don't leave a comment ,thanks Rolly
    • Alex Garner
      October 19, 19:32 Reply
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Rolly, appreciate it :)
  2. Sam
    December 31, 13:48 Reply
    Thanks for the tip about warmer water for dehydration. We're off camping with out three year old and it's going to get stinking hot! Might just keep her immersed in the river...
    • Alex Garner
      January 17, 17:30 Reply
      remaining immersed in the river is a solid plan! I'm sure some water is absorbed through the skin! :)

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