4WD Supa Center TITAN rear drawers: Review

4WD Supa Center TITAN rear drawers: Review

Are Titan draws all they're cracked up to be?

4WD Supa Center offer lots of products for very low prices, and not surprisingly the quality of these products is called into question from time to time. I hear a lot of people asking for feedback on their equipment, wanting to know what others think about them before opening their wallet. Which ideally is the best way to find great quality products, especially when it comes to 4wding.

I have owned a set of Titan rear drawers for sometime now, I’ve wanted to write a review about them since the day I got them but I’ve let them age to be able to give a good long term review.

Everyone who doesn’t have drawers, wants drawers. There’s no denying it, they make life a hell of a lot easier. They are the solution to all your packing woes, they were for me anyway. I went from plastic tubs that used to break all the time – to storing my most needed items with ease. These drawers have a very low price. Their main competitors have at least double the price tag, some even triple for a very similar looking piece of equipment. Some would argue that you do not need to pay such a high price for 4wding and camping products; this is where 4wd Supa Center come in. But are their products really of the same or similar quality to the bigger priced items? That, I can’t tell you but what I can tell you is that these drawers, bang for buck, are great. They perform well, they do everything they’re meant to do (which being a drawer is open, close and hold your stuff). I can’t compare them to another product but what I can say is that these drawers are one of my best buys.

I bought these drawers from a friend, that’s why they didn’t come with the wings. With the wings they look awesome in the back of any wagon. I got them brand new however, so me using them was the first time they’d be put to the test. When the drawers arrive, they are already fully assembled. It’s then your job to disassemble them and install. Install is pretty simple, in my 80 series I used the threads that are meant for a cargo barrier and I used the child restraint point threads. I took me about 1.5 hours to do, and using only simple tools. They are pretty heavy though, I think around 80kg.

I set up the drawers with one side dedicated to recovery equipment and tools; the other with general camping gear. Firstly I was really impressed with how much I could fit into the drawers. They’re not particularly long but you’ve got a decent amount of height to play with so you can stack stuff on top of one another. So space saving wise, they hit the mark.

Titan rear drawers come covered in a really nice quality marine carpet inside and out. The bearings in the drawers are okay, they’re a little stiff and from what I’ve seen they differ from set to set. For instance my right hand draw is very smooth but the left is a little stiff. Not a deal breaker though. The Titian drawers also come with a in built fridge slide, this is a pretty handy feature, something  you would usually have to fork out extra money for if you did want it. It’s strong too, at full extension I was able to put my fridge on there and sit on it! So you can be sure that it will hold whatever you need it to.

The rest of the drawers have a tough feel to them, you definitely don’t feel like you’ll break them. When locked in the closed position; the fridge slide does bang around a little bit. It would also be great if it locked into place when fully extended; this would help if you’re on any sort of angle and need access to the fridge.  Something which is a bit funny is that the drawers have locks on them, but the fridge slide does not – so you can pull the fridge slide out while the drawer is locked and have full access to what’s inside. Thankfully the fridge slide release is pretty subtle.

If you’re after some drawers but don’t want to spend a huge amount of cash then these are your best bet. A really strong, simple design, that’s what makes these drawers good, simplicity and strength. I’ve had mine for a while and the only criticisms I have are to do with manufacturing quality, bearings are a little rough, fridge slide could be better and sometimes the locks are dicky. But the price tag is that low that these few things don’t worry me at all. Fair enough; low price isn’t an excuse for poor quality but I’m happy to let these things slide. If I had paid more, sure, I’d have some issue with it. 

Titan rear drawers are in my opinion a great product and I’d buy them again over another brand due to the quality you get for such a low price.


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  1. wags2477
    August 06, 19:26 Reply
    I nstalled some Titan Ute Drawers today and made the sme discovery about security. The fridge slide can be easily opened and the contents under that slide are available to someone even if the drawer beneath is locked! I installed them to assist with firearm transport so definitely cannot use that drawer for that purpose. Might need to rig up a lock for the fridge slide.
  2. oze5stars57
    November 20, 17:48 Reply
    The biggest problem with these drawers from 4WD Supacentre is they are very heavy. You need 2 strong guys to handle the Rear Drawers. When you have a caravan and you need to stay within GVM and GCM of both vehicles, the drawers are highly impractical for this day and age. Making the drawers using aluminium, not using heavy roller bearings would be a start. There needs to be a change in thinking and a consiousness about weight needs. Weight is the cancer of the RV world and this problem needs to reduced. I will be selling the drawers, and I do not expect to get much. No such thing as problems only solutions. I would have thought that this above, would be just common sense. Your generational Aussie.

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