10 Christmas Gifts for 4wders (you can’t go wrong with these!)

10 Christmas Gifts for 4wders (you can’t go wrong with these!)

So last week I covered a few awesome Christmas gifts for campers; you can check that out HERE. This week, it’s all about the four wheel driver with a list of excellent products which I can almost guarantee won’t be hated. Lets get into it!

ARB Ez-Deflator

There are plenty of similar designs of tyre deflator on the market, but the ARB Ez-Deflator is the one I have personal experience with. It’s quick, it’s accurate and it’s red (I guess that’s what makes it quick). RRP is $74.55. Check it out here: ARB Tyre Accessories.

Ridge Ryder Tyre Repair Kit

Another piece of gear which calls my vehicle toolbox home. It comes with an epic 20 tyre repair cords, spare valve cores, valve tool, rubber cement and patches for tubed tyres, bike tyres and the like, a pressure gauge and of course the the reaming and inserting tools made entirely of metal. No plastic crap here. Should cost you around $45 from Supercheap Auto. Check it out HERE.


Traction Boards

There’s two brands worth mentioning here. TREDs and Maxtrax; both are great products, anything else (that I’ve seen anyway) is pretty average. The great thing about these is that even if the person being gifted already has a set, another set will only add to their usefulness. Just make sure you get the same brand if they already have a pair. Maxtrax have an RRP of $299 while TRED start at $179. Both are widely available throughout retail outlets, or take a look at their websites: TRED4x4.com and Maxtrax.com.au


TREDs 1100mm












Snatch Strap

If they’re new to 4wding, they’re going to need one of these. Snatch straps are a consumable item anyway, so even if they already have one, it’s going to be due for replacement after heavy use. Which one should you buy? The strap should be rated for 2-3 times the weight of the vehicle. A 5000kg strap is ideal for small suzuki’s and light/unladen utes. An 8000kg strap will be good for the average patrol or landcruiser, heavily loaded utes or vehicles towing a trailer would be better suited to a 15,000kg.


All 4 Adventure DVD’s

There are many different series and shows related to 4wd adventures, and what one 4wder loves – another may hate. Not so with All 4 Adventure, everyone loves these guys! They are currently up to season 6, and prices vary greatly depending on how many seasons you want to purchase. Take a look at their website for pricing: All4adventure.com


Save Your Ass Kit

This isn’t something you can buy off the shelf, which is what makes it so special! Go to an auto parts store and grab a small tool box or bag; and fill it with things like SOS rescue tape, Quicksteel, WD40, vice grips, electrical tape, Chemiweld, superglue, fuses, a knife, hose clamps and any other handy bits that you think could get a vehicle out of trouble. Leave that in the vehicle and they’re prepared to fix all sorts of problems track side!



It gets you out of a bog. By yourself. This one is a relatively new player to the market, bloody awesome idea too. You tie what looks like a rope ladder onto your wheel, anchor the other end to something solid, just as you would a winch, and just drive out using your wheels as winches. Much cheaper than a winch too, starting at $159 from the BOG OUT website, and also available through select TJM and Australian Off Road stores. www.bogout.com

Travel Buddy 12V Oven

Whether it’s a weekend away, a year around the country, or just a day trip; every 4wder would LOVE one of these. Starting at $215; these 12 or 24 volt ovens will reheat a meal, heat your pies and sausage rolls, cook a roast or even bake a cake. The smaller 12 volt oven heats to 175 degrees Celsius, while the larger 12 volt marine model gives you more space and heats to 190. Purchase online through their website:  12-24voltovens.com.au

Bushranger Diggar Shovel

You really want a good long handled shovel if you get yourself in the poo out there, don’t wanna be rolling in it trying to make do with a trowel! But long handled shovels are a pain in the arse to store if you don’t have a roof rack. That’s why I ended up with the Diggar shovel myself. It comes in a bag with a long handle which screws on, or a D handle to use it as a regular sized shovel. It’ll set you back about $88 and is available through ARB outlets, Repco and other 4wd stores. www.bushranger.com.au

Korr LED Strip Light

Generally I wouldn’t advise buying lights, as 4wders are picky with that stuff. Unless you know for sure that they want a 22 inch light bar instead of a 21 inch, go with some stick on LED strip light; 4wders can always find more applications for this stuff. Don’t be a tight arse like I did and get a 5 metre roll for 10 bucks, it lasts 5 minutes. Korr Lighting has some quality gear.

Korr LED light inside a roof top tent

Korr LED light inside a roof top tent



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