10 christmas gift ideas for campers 2015

10 christmas gift ideas for campers 2015

Christmas gift giving can be a bit of a chore sometimes, depending on the person you’re buying for. If you’re family is into camping, giving a suitable gift should be pretty easy; unless they already have everything! But choose something from this list, and I guarantee that even if they do have it; it’s not anywhere near as awesome!

The Minipresso from Wacaco:

Anything more difficult than throwing a few spoons of instant coffee in some hot water can be too difficult when camping; it is for me at least. Maybe someone you know feels the same? Reading around the net, the reviews on this one are pretty good and it seems easy to use. One thing commonly noted is that it’s good for a single shot of Espresso. If that special somebody loves Espresso – you could be onto something with this one. It will set you back $59 US and ships from China. wacaco.com

Scrubba Wash Bag:

Who’s seen those little hand operated washing machines in the stores? Probably more suitable for the caravan crowd. For that one person who gets around camp in the same filthy clothes all week, have a look at this wash bag. A much more portable and convenient option! Pick one of these up through thescrubba.com.au for $64.95 AUD with free postage if you forgo the retail packaging.

BBQ Branding Iron:

A bit of a novelty item, but fun is what it’s all about! Be careful who you choose to give it to though, don’t want your buddy’s name branded on your backside as the result of a not-so-funny campfire joke! Get this one from thegiftedman.com.au for $23.95 AUD plus postage.

Coleman CPX 1000 Lantern:

No other LED lantern that I’ve seen comes close to the brightness of the CPX 1000 from Coleman. This will easily light up a large campsite. Sure, you can get brighter LED setups powered from your vehicle or trailer; but this is a great option for the tent based camper. $99.99 AUD on colemanaustralia.com.au or use that website to find a retailer near you.

Weber Baby Q

If anyone needs to know what to get me for Christmas, it’s one of these! The Baby Q is obviously a baby version of the Weber Q, which makes it great for camping! Everyone I’ve spoken to raves about these things, you can do roasts, pizzas, desserts and grilling. Then there’s accessories like a carry bag, different hot plates, grill pan, pizza stone, rotisserie set and trivet; so you can just get them Weber accessories for the next 5 Christmases! They have an RRP of $319 and check out weberbbq.com.au to find a retailer.

CGear Multimat

The multimat was originally created for military operations in sandy environments; where everybody within 50 metres of a helicopter would have their eyeballs sandblasted. This magical mat allows sand to fall through it, but not come back up – making it awesome for beach camping – and the human optic. Prices start at $145 AUD if not on special, and you can find a retailer or buy online at cgear-outdoor.com.au.

Leatherman Wave

Most campers are bound to have a multi tool of some sort. But a multi tool is not a Leatherman! These guys are pretty well known for their multi tools around the world, and the Wave is one of their most popular models; a good all rounder. It includes a few wire cutters and strippers, screwdrivers, needlenose and regular pliers, different knives, scissors, saw and of course a bottle and can opener. It’ll set you back $216 on leatherman.com.au but have a look at your local camping stores too, most of them sell Leatherman!

Steel Tripod

Hang your billy or camp oven over the fire, without having to prop it up on a platform of logs and risk it tipping over. These things are sold under many different brands and range from $30-60 AUD. A little bit of gear that many camp oven chefs are without!


YETI 150 Recharger:

Power around the campsite is pretty important these days, and this little box will power a host of your small gadgets. It has 5v USB output, 12V cigarette output and a wall socket output so there’s not much it won’t charge. It will recharge a smartphone 15-30 times, tablet 3-10 times or laptop 1-3 times. It takes 6 hours to charge at home, or 8 hours to charge in the car. Priced at $289 AUD, check out goalzero.com.au


Bug & Mosquito Zapper

Okay, this last one is a little bit light hearted; but these things are actually incredibly good fun! You can pick them up in some camping stores, and sometimes hardware stores as well for about $10-20 AUD. They don’t really save you being annoyed or bitten, but it’s satisfying to take out the frustration when you slap a bug with a 3000 volt tennis racquet!



Well, there’s 10 gift ideas sorted for the family camper. But maybe your better half is into 4WDing as well? Or your mates are going overnight hiking sometime soon? Well subscribe to the Intents Offroad email newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox, we’ll have lists just for them in the following weeks!

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  1. bigezi
    November 20, 08:31 Reply
    Hi Alex just watched your latest video, interesting as always; been thinking of heading out that way myself once the weather cools In it you said you couldn't find a decent camp site near Sothern Cross as you were heading back to Perth. I know it's 30klm in the wrong direction but have you ever been to Mt Palmer just out of Yellowdine? No facilities there but the camp site is great and the 3 Klm drive out to the old mine site where there is also great bush camping is well worth it. Instead of coming all the way home on the bitumen head down the emu fence rd to Hyden on your way back. Living in Mundijong I've used a lot of the gravel rds through the wheat belt over the last couple of years to get to places of interest out that way and find they are in could condition and far less boring that heading out on the Great Eastern Hwy and no traffic. Cheers Steve H
    • Alex Garner
      November 20, 20:27 Reply
      Cheers Steve! Yeah head out there in the cooler weather, I'd probably do around August. I had penciled in the Mt Palmer ruins as a possible campsite, but yeah....we were confident we could find somewhere to stay on the highway along the way back. Wrong! I'll be going for something like Mt Palmer next time!

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