Whitehills & Preston Beach

Whitehills & Preston Beach

If you live in Perth and know the first thing about 4wding, fishing or surfing then I’m gonna bet you know the stretch of beach from Tims Thicket to Preston Beach pretty well. Hence I’m not going to waffle on too much about why it’s so great and how many turns you gotta take to get there. To start with, lets assume you are departing the dead centre of Perth for a day down on the beach. Following the Forrest Highway and then taking the Old Coast Rd from Mandurah is going to take you approximately 1hr 10 mins to arrive at the air-down point for the beach.


Tims Thicket and Whitehills are very close together, but are kind of divided by a large limestone outcrop that can become impassable at high tide. Luckily there is access from the main road to both of them via Tims Thicket Rd or Whitehill Rd; both of which are easy to find turnoff’s from Old Coast Road. So if you do plan on driving down the beach for quite some time and high tide is near, consider skipping on to Whitehill road to avoid any trouble.


Yeah they’re blowies but still….two at once!

The best reef for fishing is around Tims Thicket and it dwindles away as you head further down whitehills beach. We didn’t fish the reef this time around, but we will be aiming to throw a line in (or throw a rod in as I always mistakenly say). Still, plenty of whiting can be had along the sandy shores of Preston Beach, and I know many more spectacular fish are landed there by fishermen more experienced than myself.

There are two majorly frowned upon activities along this whole stretch of beach. They are camping and driving in the dunes. And don’t think the ranger won’t have your balls if you get caught either cos being such a popular beach I’m sure they see plenty of ratbags ruining it! However, while camping is not allowed; “overnight fishing” is. Interpret that how you will, but if you are more inclined to camp than overnight fish you may consider looking at Martins Tank Lake campground about a 5 minute drive off Preston Beach.

I’ll not get too deep into my feelings towards Martins Tank as I might hurt somebody’s feelings. What I will say is that while it’s a beautiful little spot, it is somewhat ruined by the presence of “Camp Nazi’s” assigned to protect national parks almost to the point of fining you for leaving footprints.

Anyway, enough from me. Just get out there and enjoy those summer beach feels. Here’s my second Intents Offroad video to get you primed!



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    Hahaha excellent fishing style! Loved the little moments of beauty you captured. Great manliness.

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