The Best 4WD beaches in Perth

The Best 4WD beaches in Perth

Perth, North Of The River:


These days, the beach around Yanchep is all closed off to 4wd access, but I know that there is a lot of confusion around as to whether it is still open or not. Yanchep used to be one of Perth’s best and closest 4wd beaches, but unfortunately you’ll have to skip this area and head a little further north to Two Rocks.

Two Rocks:

Housing development has cut of much of what was accessible beach around Two Rocks, just as it did with Yanchep. Wanna know how to get to Two Rocks? Well, beach access is still possible at the end of Damepattie Dr if you head to the north of the town after taking Breakwater Dr from the Indian Ocean Dr (Hope that made sense to you!). This area is the Dewars Beach access track. A sign upon entry explains the rules, including no vehicular access to the beach. You’ll have to park up off the beach and walk down for this one.



The next beach up from Two Rocks is Wilbinga. The beach from here on is pretty well untouched by development meaning you can drive all the way from Two Rocks to Guilderton. If it were’nt for the Moore River mouth at Guilderton, you would be able to drive all the way from Wilbinga to Ledge Point if you wanted to. However, even if the Moore River mouth was driveable, crossing the river mouth is still prohibited. If you come up this far, you have to go back the way you came.


You can reach seabird by driving a combination of beach and dune tracks from the north of Guilderton. There is also beach access north of Seabird but I highly recommend leaving that one be, the beach is EXTREMELY soft and challenging. If you wish to know more about any of the beach and tracks from Guilderton to Seabird; read our writeup HERE.


Perth, South Of The River:

Horse Beach, Naval Base Kwinana

Yep, it’s closed to 4wd access as of about August 2014. I had to put this one in though because so many people ask about it! It was one of the best spots to just take a quick drive down to the coast and park up your 4wd in the sand. Unfortunately it became a little too popular and many an idiot cut sick in the dune area and littered the beach with smashed bottles and illegal campfires. It’s still open to access for horses though!

Tim’s Thicket

4wding at Tim’s Thicket is one of my fondest memories as a kid and I’m glad it’s kept open and well managed! Fishing at Tim’s Thicket is awesome, but get there early before the surf picks up! Once that happens, throw the fishing rod away, get out the boards and enjoy a day on the beach with family and friends. How do you get there? Simple! Take old coast road out of Mandurah and hang a right at Tim’s Thicket Rd. Read our article HERE for more info!



The neighbouring beach to Tim’s thicket. You can drive along the beach from Tim’s Thicket to Whitehills or you can take Old Coast Rd further south and hang a Right once again onto White Hill Rd. Plenty of beach to go around so find a spot and park up for a day, or enjoy the drive south all the way from Whitehills to Preston Beach. This beach is also covered in our Whitehills & Preston Beach video and blog post.

Preston Beach:

As mentioned above, you can drive from Whitehills to Preston Beach, or even Tim’s Thickett to Preston Beach via the sand. If you just want to get straight to the point you can also follow Old Coast Rd south to turn off at Preston Beach Rd. There’s a nice picnic area with gas BBQ’s, a toilet block and cold showers to have a rinse off when you come off the beach after a top day in the surf and sand.

If you were struggling to find a place to hit the beach for a bit of 4wding or fishing for a day out of Perth, you’ve got plenty of options now! Now get out there and have a good time, be sure to let us all know about it by sharing your story and some pictures with everybody on Intents Offroad Facebook, or tag #intentsoffroad on Instagram.

See you out there!


Alex Garner


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  1. Larry Ledford
    April 18, 06:04 Reply
    The beaches around Perth and the west coast put most of the beaches in Hawaii to shame.
  2. Peter
    April 10, 20:28 Reply
    Hi there thanks for the information on this site. Just needed to clarify that you cannot in fact drive from Two Rocks, Wilbinga all the way to Moore River via beach. Private land ownership is all the way to the coastline. We met the farmer who owns the land immediately north of the northern Wilbinga land boundary. Further, DPaW and Shire of Gingin both confirmed that 4wding between wilbinga and moore rivervis prohibited. The day we met the farmer, The night before, 8km of his fencelinehad been torn down by moron 4wders, which meant we accidentally strayed onto his land - which made for an unpleasant meeting. We explained this was our first time down there and he was fine with it. Best amend your blog up above as it does read as though access is possible.
  3. Jay
    September 05, 21:13 Reply
    Thanks for your info on this track. We had a great day, drove from guilderton north to seabird and a bit beyond to stop in a dune bowl for lunch before returning in the same path back to guilderton. Great track for novices or those just out for a nice drive, we have some amazing coastline! Some tricky bits to try your luck at if your game too! We did it with 4 vehicles, wife's and young kids (1 and 2 yr old) no problems. Great day trip. Thanks again for your blog, looking forward to trying another trail soon!
    • Alex Garner
      September 27, 18:58 Reply
      Thanks for reading mate! How good is the dune bowl!? Go a bit further on from there and there's some disused holiday shacks made from old train carriages. We use the dune bowl for a campsite every year. You're away from the ticks which only hang around the vegetation, you're protected from the wind, close to the ocean for fishing, there's plenty of space and you can take the dog! If you find our Perth Beaches on YouTube you'll see that's where we camped, and blew the clutch on a Narava on the beach.
  4. Micke
    February 10, 18:39 Reply
    Hello mate Thanks for the post I'm going to head out tomorrow and bring my Atc Honda trike with me also. Sounds good
  5. Zoe
    January 07, 14:54 Reply
    Hi there We went out to Two Rocks last weekend and the access through Dewar Beach access track has been closed, there is access off the Indian Ocean drive and at the roundabout on breakwater next to the housing development. Cheers :)

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