The 2014 Perth 4wd & Adventure Show

The 2014 Perth 4wd & Adventure Show

It’s that time of year again and it came around fast. Today I awoke at 5:30 in the morning thanks to a combination of the sunrise which keeps creeping in earlier, and that awful easterly wind that plagues me every summer. Just as we were all getting used to the rain and the cold, and the novelty of smashing our trucks through mud pits (and having to clean them afterwards); summer is rolling around again.

Some summer activities that us outdoorsy Perth folks might be pretty pumped about could include:

  • Kayaking! Perhaps the Swan river or Penguin Island?
  • Barbeque’s on hot summer night
  • 4wding, fishing and camping at Two Rocks
  • Swimming, snorkeling, diving or surfing

And the focus of this article….

The 2014 Perth 4wd and Adventure Show!


This show has been the point which each year revolves around for me since I bought my first snatch strap and compressor there when I was 17. The key cause of the show winning my heart is the huge variety of exhibits which all fit under the broad umbrella of ‘adventure’. You won’t find just 4wd’s and caravans at this show. There are demonstrations on cooking, fishing and photography as well. There are kayaks, boats, trail bikes, ATV’s and Polaris buggies. And of course there is everybody’s favourite; the extreme 4wd show.

So what do they have planned for this year?

Pat Callinan. Photo courtesy

Pat Callinan. Photo courtesy


This years star guest is Pat Callinan, a big name in the 4wding world and one who is probably behind more things than you would realise. This bloke should have some good stories to tell. We also have Roothy (you all know who that is), Jason Andrews from All4Adventure, Ernie Dingo, and one of my favourite bush cooks; Jo Clews will be doing cooking demonstrations.

Live Shows:

Isuzu Team D-MAX will be making their first appearance at the show this year. Their show includes stunts such as driving on two wheels and maneuvering their vehicles on the steepest 4wd ramp in the world. Everybody’s favourite Tough Dog extreme 4wd show will return this year featuring some of Perth’s toughest comp trucks on a course built to push them beyond their limits. Fishing techniques will be demonstrated by the pro’s in the Engel Aquatank fishing show, Show Ski WA will be running three water ski demo’s, and ARB hosts tutorials on vehicle recovery from basic to advanced in their enormous marquee.

See some of the best competition rigs pushed to their limit on the extreme 4wd show

The Shopping:

Photo courtesy of ARB.

Photo courtesy of ARB.

I hope you’ve tucked some cash away under that mattress. If not, time to sell a kidney; you’re gonna want some spending money!

With all the biggest names in camping, 4wding, boating, riding and adventure gathered into one park you will be spoiled for choice in toys. In the market for a roof top tent? Walk around and inspect them all! Lay on the mattress, have a feel of the canvas and don’t worry about the price because with that many vendors in one area…..let’s just say they are putty in your hands. And don’t expect to stick to your list either. I went there last year just for a look and with a little bit of spending money; let’s just say I left the show with some credit card debt. Might be best to leave the cards at home next time!

Intents Offroad Tips:

If you want the best prices, my tip for you is to head over to the show on the Sunday. None of the vendors really want to load all of their good back onto the truck and find somewhere to store it at the warehouse, so you might just get armful’s of toys much cheaper. Beware though, some of the best bargains could be limited stock and you might miss out by Sunday! I’ll go two days just to be safe.

Also, each year I notice a trend in what the exhibitors are selling. One year everybody was flogging 120w solar panels like they were going out of fashion, another year everybody was selling thermal cooking pots, and of course last year was an influx of LED light bars. I am going to take a guess and say this year will be the year of ultra comfortable swags which look suspiciously similar to ARB’s Skydome swag which made it’s debut about this time last year. What do you think? Am I right or will it be something else?


Tickets are available at the gate, or online for $16 per Adult, $8 per child. And if you buy online, there is a bonus $20 voucher if you spend over $100 with selected exhibitors. See for your tickets.

Are you going to the show? What sort of goodies are you chasing? I will be heading over there first thing on Friday the 7th for a look, and I will be putting together a blog post full of the best bargains and must see’s ready for you readers by that evening. Leave me a comment and tell me what you are chasing, I’ll see what I can find for you!

See you there!


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