Product Review: The Australian Bushman DVD

Product Review: The Australian Bushman DVD

jamie-hazelden-dvd-review-intents-offroadRecognise that bloke?

If you’re a 4wd Action reader and DVD viewer you will know that is Jamie Hazelden; owner of JTS (Jamie’s Touring Solutions) in Queensland. You might also be wondering where he’s got to, having disappeared from his regular appearances with 4wd Action.

Well Jamie has just emerged from his hidey hole deep in the scrub of Far North Queensland with one hand on the wheel of his Land Rover, and the other clutching the product of his latest venture. A brand new DVD.

This first episode in what Jamie has named ‘The Australian Bushman’ is called “A journey exploring life around the CREB track”. The following paragraph is a description of the DVD from The Australian Bushman Website.

The Australian Bushman takes a journey of discovery through the tip of Australia. Meeting up with some of the local legends sharing their unique stories. Experience life around Creb Track through the eyes of CJ, an Elder from the Kuku Yalanji country, PJ, care taker of The Creb Track and Dick Eussen, published author, photography, journalist and former resident of the Daintree.


If you are a keen viewer of 4wd Action DVD’s then you might know that this isn’t the first time Jamie has met this PJ character. Take a look back to DVD issue 207 where Graham Cahill and Jamie met PJ for the first time, who showed them the tracks around his place. This time however, the focus of the trip is to help PJ remove a lot of tree’s which were bought down all over the tracks in a recent cyclone.

So what do I think to the DVD?

Well, first I’ll address the bit that everybody hates: Adverts. I counted six ad’s in the entire 60 minute production, as well as a few product mentions which weren’t particularly intrusive. All of the ad’s related well to the subject matter and were interesting. The British Off Road ad’s were informative truck review’s on how they had built Jamie’s Land Rover, and their British Off Road Landy that was along for the trip. On that note also, Jamie’s Landy is awesome. All that bar work, LED lighting everywhere (including in the headlights), a boat on the top and custom built to take an entire quad bike in the back. Almost makes me want one!

jamie-hazelden-bushman-dvd-reviewThe camera work was very well done. And the photography done by Brett Hemmings is amazing as well, you can see a full photo-essay on his website Here. And of course the bloke in front of the camera, Jamie does pretty out on his own as a presenter.

This DVD isn’t about full noise mud plugging action.¬†This is more of a look into the area around the CREB track and it’s people, more interviews and story rather than staking tyres and destroying Toyota CV’s.

Take a look at the preview at the top of the page if you haven’t already. If you like what you see, the DVD can be purchased from



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