GEAR ENVY: The Portable Treehouse

GEAR ENVY: The Portable Treehouse

Well, I’ve been doing one post a week for a while now, and seeing as all you lovely people are showing so much support I am bumping it up to two! This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while now.

What I’m gonna do is share an epic piece of camping, 4wding or outdoor related gear with you every Tuesday (today’s is Wednesday just to get you excited). I’m talking sleeping bags that could keep you sleeping comfortably on pluto, multi-tools with inbuilt kitchens and shorts that coach your workout. Whether you need it or not, you’re gonna want it!

So, first GEAR ENVY is one I spotted over on, a portable treehouse. Created by Tentsile, the model is named “Connect”.


Practical benefits of sleeping in a Tree-Tent:

  • Pretty safe from flooding if it rains
  • Off the ground means less danger from animals
  • Camp on a cliff if you like, no flat ground needed

But honestly; who gives a crap about practicality. IT’S A GODDAM TREEHOUSE!!

Pick one up at for $599 USD and don’t worry about shipping, it’s free! For more information on the Tentsile Connect, see the full blog post at



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