Camping Gear. How much is too much?

Camping Gear. How much is too much?

Waaaaayyyy back in the days of gold rushes and pioneering new lands, camping was a part of everyday life. I’m not too sure that anybody even considered camping a recreational activity. Often all they had was a bit of canvas and some blankets to sleep with, a supply of water and perhaps some preserved meat to make a meal out of.

But now that we do it for fun, camping has morphed from decade to decade. People got horses and were able to carry a tent, then they got motor vehicles and carried some fold out chairs, an air bed and an Esky. Then came fridges, camper trailers, fold out camp kitchens, washing machines, hot water systems and finally…..”Glamping”.


I wanna know what you think. How much is too much? What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen someone bring camping? Or are there a few guilty pleasures in your camping kit that we should know about?

Personally I’m quite the¬†minimalist, but I do like to have at least a bit of water and a cloth to wash up with after a sweaty day out in the bush. The craziest thing I ever saw? My uncle bringing a 240v bar fridge out bush and attempting to run that off an inverter….points for originality I guess!

We would all love to hear some more opinions, and crazy stories about that one person who can’t leave home without their Nutri-Bullet blender hair straightener; so let us all know about it in the comments!


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