Banana, Custard and White Chocolate Toasties

Banana, Custard and White Chocolate Toasties

I’m going to start this post completely off track and talk about a few of my old fart traits. I like my peace and quiet, enjoy the odd nanna nap, and most relevant to this post, I listen to talkback radio (720 ABC).

Listening to 720 one day they were talking about gourmet toasted sandwiches, all sounding like delicious 2 course meals with a tragic lack of everyone’s favourite course…Dessert!  So I cracked open the brain box and cleaned up the old jaffle iron. Here’s what I came up with.


Per toastie you will need:


  • A couple of tablespoons long life custard
  • Approximately 30g of white chocolate
  • Two slices of bread, preferably the fruity type
  • enough banana slices to cover the bread
  • A bit of margarine and chef in a can (spray oil)

But how do I cook it?!


  1. Butter both sides of the bread, to get it all crispy and golden, Chop up the banana into slices and do the same for the chocolate to help it melt quicker.
  2. Hit the jaffle iron with spray oil, chuck a slice of the bread in and layer that sucker up with as much banana and chocolate as you can fit. Go easy on the custard. Too much and there will be more food down your arm than in your stomach.
  3. Now put the other piece of bread in, close it up and toss her in the fire (if you are in a fire ban like I am, gently placing it on a gas cooker on low heat will suffice).
  4. Open it up gently from time to time and check it until its nice and golden, Once it’s all good looking, close it back up and run a knife around the outside to remove any burned crust.


It is magic in a sandwich form. As you have probably guessed from the picture, I made two different type’s. One with Banana and one with mixed berries. Personally I preferred the berry one for the kind of tangy edge it had, the banana one is a lot sweeter (much to my wife’s liking). There is endless potential for combinations with dessert toasties and any toasties for that matter! Have you got a combination that you thought worked well? Let us know via the comments, I would love to give a few more a go!

Happy toasting!


Alex Garner


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  1. EVO
    April 04, 19:32 Reply
    well we will be having a crack next weekend !!
  2. letmebefree
    June 04, 14:17 Reply
    I am not sure about that one!! It probably does taste good but sounds a bit of a strange combo
  3. rolly
    October 18, 21:26 Reply
    this one is me, banana and white chocolate,custard that's a winner
  4. rolly
    October 18, 21:56 Reply
    ahh just thought of something-- vanilla ice cream with it

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