2014 Perth 4WD Adventure Show: Your First Look

2014 Perth 4WD Adventure Show: Your First Look

Well, the weekend of the Perth 4wd and Adventure Show has finally rolled around, and just as promised I was up bright and early in the name of research today to bring you show-goers the best of the show; the coolest products, best prices, most exciting demo’s and interesting guest speakers. Now as you might remember; I attempted to predict this years popular product in my first post about the show (meaning everybody is selling their own version of it). Now I said I thought it would be swags similar to or the same as ARB’s Skydome swag, and while I certainly saw a few like that, it was nowhere near what I was expecting. I think this years hot products are a pretty even spread of roof top tents, light bars and a perhaps larger than usual spread of solar panels.

As far as the coolest and fanciest accommodation products go, here are a few of my favourites.

The ‘Swag-It’ swags:

In the league of ultra comfortable/almost a tent swags is where this one fits. Nice thick canvas (in a very awesome camo pattern), mattress which felt rather comfortable and the double model has it’s own little awning! $495 for the double, and $395 for the single. They can be found right next to the ARB tent.

The double swag in the background has a little awning!

The Quick Pitch Campers trayback camper:

Whether you own a ute or not I urge you to have a look at this one. I was shown through the workings of these campers and you wouldn’t believe what they have packed into this camper and how easily it all works. The kitchen on these really is a work of art. Check out Their Website and take a look at their setup video, under 1 minute!


Black Wolf Turbo Tents:

These caught my eye. They can be found at the huge Getaway Outdoors display. I liked the weight of the canvas, the sturdy and simple to set up frame and the extensive awning and annexe solutions depending on how far you want to take it. The price point was also pretty sweet starting from $549 with specials going for add on annexes and walls. You can watch a setup video HERE.

Worth a serious look if you're after a touring tent!

Kalahari Roof Top Tent:

I love my Howling Moon roof top tent, but it cost a pretty penny at a touch under $2000. I liked the look of this Kalahari roof top tent by Powerful 4×4, I would call it a mid range tent as far as features and canvas weight go. There are cheaper roof top tents around the show, but with the good build quality and annexe attached to this one I had to double check that I was getting the right price here! Yep, it was indeed $999 for the tent AND the annexe. If I was buying one, this is where I’d be putting my money.


 Demo’s, Display’s and Guest Speakers

I’m going to start with my favourite which was the fishing demo with the big Engel fish tank. I picked up a few good tips, helped enormously by being able to see how the fish go for different techniques and lures in the giant aquarium. And the bloke could cast a lure into a hat from a distance of about 15 metres which is pretty impressive.If you are interested in getting into photography then give Graham Cahill’s talk at the Fourbie Forum a listen; it’s good basic and helpful info but if you are already into the hobby you might find you know a lot of it already (ya big know all!). If that’s the case, head to the Engel Bush Camp stage and listen to his talk there.

Jo Clews did a little talk about camp oven cooking and whipped up some awesome sausage rolls!

Hang around too for Jo Clews if you’re interested in camp oven cooking, and Pat Callinan told a few stories of his 4wding youth. And whatever you do make sure you’re there for Jason Andrews of All 4 Adventure fame, that bloke is the master of story telling; a real character!

Ernie's hand gesture there is comparing Graham's height to that of an oompa loompa.

Most Ridiculous Product:

I was searching for that product that makes you go “who the heck would take that camping!?” I didn’t find it; everyone was pretty sensible! What I did find hilarious was this no-name LED spot light that doesn’t look ‘suspiciously’ like an ARB Intensity light at all. It looks EXACTLY like it! I like what they’re done with the logo like….barely changed it at all. You can find this one also directly across from the ARB tent funnily enough.

Something's a little suss here...

Can’t Pass Up:

The cheapest snatch straps at the show! Buy a couple of these and tuck em away until you need a replacement. You can pick up a 9 tonne for $38 or a 12 tonne for $45 from Mad Camp just near the Powerful 4×4 tent. They’ve also got a tyre deflator there for $29, the same type that everybody sells their own version of; it removes the valve core for quick deflation with a gauge on the end.

Now, Let’s tie it up with a list of other little bargains I spotted around the place:

runva-11-xp-winchWinch: I have heard a lot of good reports about the Runva winch lately. For the excellent price of $599 from Powerful 4×4 you can get the 11,000 pound model with synthetic rope which is supported by a lifetime warranty on the mechanical, and a 5 year warranty on the electrics. Even better, if you need a bullbar as well they are doing a bullbar and winch for about $1400.

coleman-lantern-1000-lumenAround the Campsite: I had a chat with the Coleman rep about their new 1000 lumen LED lantern, quite an impressive output for a lantern which I was told is the same amount of light as an LPG lantern. They are selling these for $75, normally $99. If you need a new camp chair then ARB might be worth a look where they are selling their sturdy and comfortable ARB Sport chair for $50.

Recovery Gear: Shoreline 4×4 have 48″ high lift jacks for $75, cheap as you’ll ever find one and they are also flogging a knock off of MaxTrax for $100 a pair. Called Supa Trax I give no testaments to the quality of them but if you’re looking for cheap this might be your thing. Medicar are also selling a winch at a reasonable price if you prefer a different brand. The Ironman winch is also one I have heard good things about and comes in at a little pricier than the Runva at $799 for a 9000lb model and $850 for the 12000; both with synthetic rope. The Terrain Tamer guys are selling their Series 3 portable compressor for $120. You’ll see compressors about the place of the same design, same flow rate but this one carries the best price.

4wd Touring Australia are running a competition to win this awsome 80 series (and that's coming from a Nissan driver!)

Some great bush cooking accessories near the Engel stage.

Some great bush cooking accessories near the Engel stage.

12v Gear: As I said, Solar panels are a big one again this year, and I found a bargain in a folding solar panel. The 120w folding panel is a steal at $250. Unfortunately I missed the name of the stand, but I know that if you stand at the Fourbie Forum stage and turn 180 degrees from the stage you will see the solar panels behind you. The 12v Direct stand is having a clearance on LED worklights for $30 each, be sure to jump on that one cos I reckon they’ll go real quick if they haven’t already. If you are really looking to set up with some 12v gear then check out the ACE Extreme stand. They had some real bargains on 12v gear like a Voltage Sensitive Relay for your dual battery system, only $45!

Communications: Just a few stalls from the ACE Extreme stand is FreeDB. They are primarily a car stereo place but I did notice they had the Uniden 80ch 5W Mini UHF going there for $179. If handhelds are your thing I take you back to Powerful 4×4 again where they have a pair of GME 2 watt 80 channel hand held UHF’s for $139.

Well, that’s all from me this time around. I’m knackered after all that! Let me know if you happen to pick up one of these bargains wont you? Or even if you have a win that I missed, why not leave us a comment and let your fellow ourdoors lovers know?



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